Mary Abraham,
The First Five
(A Plank in the Eye, 2005)

Singer/songwriter Mary Abraham has released an EP, The First Five, that is mostly light rock with a little folk and a little country to boot. The vocal style of this Michigan native includes an occasional warble that is definitely reminiscent of many country crooners.

Of the five tracks, the one I like best is "Waiting For You." The lyrics are rather sad, the melody even more so. "Cry your eyes out / don't have to be alone / I am here waiting for you / to come back home. ... If you could hear my voice / then you would see my choice / and I could love you from now until forever." The anguish in Mary's vocals accompanied by acoustic guitar makes for a simple, yet powerful presentation.

Another good track is "Someone Like You." This song is definitely a lot peppier. Mary is singing to a former lover who caught her off guard when he hurt her. Her friends tried to warn her from the beginning, but she didn't listen. Love makes you do crazy things. But, as Mary sings about her pain, you will be tapping your toes in time to the beat.

Mary is supported on her EP by Jesse Young (acoustic/electric guitar and backing vocals), Robert Tye (electric guitar) John Dunn (bass) and Danny Cox (drums). The tracks were co-written between Mary and Jesse.

If there is one issue I have with this CD, it is that it is short by five to seven songs. Mary knows how to sing a catchy tune. She will undoubtedly make most listeners fans rather quickly. Unfortunately, at less than 19 minutes, this EP is simply way too short.

by Wil Owen
31 March 2007

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