Alien Pig Farm 3000
by Todd Farmer, Thomas Jane, Don Marquez (Raw, 2009)

They don't come much weirder than Alien Pig Farm 3000.

Let's see. In prehistoric Kentucky, a passing space battle left a ship full of pissed-off aliens in suspended animation deep beneath the Earth's crust. Now, a moonshiner's exploding still has released them. They're angry. And hungry, very hungry.

And humanity's last, best hope is the redneck Johnny Ray, along with his shapely and casually immodest lover/stepsister Cindy and her a-few-straws-short-of-a-haystack brother Elvis.

It's actually a fairly entertaining book, although not one you'd ever think to take very seriously. Before it's done, you'll tiptoe through diverse topics such as door-to-door vacuum-cleaner salesmanship, a lovesick deputy, middle-aged hillbilly porn, World War II-era gun-running, a pair of high-riding Daisy Dukes, more shotgun shells than you can count, sex with animals, wet t-shirts, biscuits with sausage gravy and a whole lot of homemade whiskey. Does Johnny Ray have what it takes to be a hero? Does Elvis?

Does Cindy have the makings of an alien sex slave?

And hey, from the looks of the last page, there might even be a sequel.

I don't know what the "3000" stands for in the title, by the way. Maybe that sequel will explain. Just make sure Cindy is back. That Don Marquez, he sure knows how to draw his redneck wimmen!

review by
Tom Knapp

21 May 2011

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