Tori Amos,
(Atlantic, 1992)

This CD single is truly incredible. Most artists would give their teeth to record five songs this good over their entire careers.

"Winter" is one of Tori's earliest yet most beautiful songs, as any Tori fan surely knows. Each of the other four songs is worth the price of the CD in and of itself; getting all four together seems like stealing -- that is how good they are. "The Pool" is rather weird, but in a totally good way. The few lyrics of the song are blended into an atmosphere of dark, haunted, shrouded passions; I consider "The Pool" to be more akin to a deep-felt emotion than a mere song. The remaining three songs are stellar, quintessential Tori. Coming on the heels of her first album, they capture her boundless spirit, energy and genius, while also somehow managing to betray similarities to her later work on Boys for Pele. "Take to the Sky" sports some intense lyrics; its jaunting pace is forcibly seized and intensified by what sounds like Native American war drums as she approaches each chorus. "Sweet Dreams" has elements of darkness wrapped inside its seemingly happy title; Tori casts her blinding light of musical passion on the hypocrisy of her fellow man yet seems to admit that she herself is not immune to humanity's innate faults. Finally, "Upside Down" ensures that this CD is forever to be a masterpiece. Only Tori can write such poignant lyrics as these. The song seems to fit in nicely with the mood, message and stylings of her Little Earthquakes album.

All of these songs should be on an album, really, so that all of her fans can easily find and enjoy them. Tori fans simply must own this CD single; it represents Tori at her most musically pure and honest best.

- Rambles
written by Daniel Jolley
published 9 July 2005

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