Energy's Music &
Warrior of Spirit
(self-produced, 1998)

AngeLight bills themselves as meditation music, somewhat in a new-age style. They deliver the expected soothing instrumentals, pieces designed to turn your focus away from the distractions of life. Turned up loud, AngeLight does a fine job of stretching a blank musical canvas for the mind. But there's something extra offered, a rarity in meditative music: a beat. When you want to come out of your own private cloud, the energy and rhythm of Warrior of Spirit and Energy's Music make a welcoming invitation back into the regular world.

If you're just looking for music to entertain, it delivers there too. AngeLight's complex tunes and decisive musical shifts should appeal to fans of Enigma and other new age bands that have found a popular audience, as well as to those who want a meditative tape without any whalesongs or sounds of nature.

A Russian band with no big label support, those who want something more interesting for their peace of mind can follow the link below and find AngeLight online, with lots of free tracks for your perusal.

- Rambles
written by Sarah Meador
published 2 November 2002

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