Diane Arkenstone & Misha Segal,
Christmas Healing, Vol. 1
(PrimaVista/Neo Pacifica, 2007)

Thin, barely competent vocals over simplistic lounge piano guitar and hackneyed arrangements make for anything but a healing holiday experience with Christmas Healing, Vol. 3.

Diane Arkenstone's near-robotic diction and flat, untextured vocals grate far more than they ingratiate. Misha Segal does provide the one slightly bright spot on the album, however, with his still overly simplistic, but somewhat catchy version of "Do You Hear What I Hear?"

Over the years there's been so many truly beautiful, inspiring and soul-salving Christmas albums across the musical genres. George Winston, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Loreena McKennitt, Celtic Woman, Michael Buble and Josh Groban all have amazing Christmas CDs. Listen to them for musical medicaments.

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review by
Stephen Richmond

22 December 2007

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