Kelley Armstrong,
Women of the Otherworld #8: Personal Demon
(Spectra, 2008)

Hope Adams, heiress and half-demon daughter of Lucifer, finally gets a chance to pay her debt to the Cortez Cabal and show her ex, the werewolf Karl, that she can handle a tough case on her own.

It's a simple job, according to cabal leader Benecio Cortez. All he wants is for her to infiltrate a Miami-based youth gang to determine exactly what kind of trouble these kids are going to pose for the cabal.

Hope gets clearance from Luke Cortez, Benecio's declared heir, who works with the Council. Lucas, who is Benecio's youngest and illegitimate son, is an opponent of the cabals -- seeing them as exploiters of the supernatural employees, so he's advising Hope to use caution because Benecio may well not be telling her everything he knows.

Both Hope and Lucas end up in danger as they try to sort out precisely what is happening. There's a serious threat to the Cortez Cabal as well as Hope herself. Both Hope and Lucas have to face their own personal demons to see this situation through.

Personal Demon definitely advances the overall story arc for this fascinating series. As always, Kelley Armstrong is excellent at character development and she's worked hard to keep the storylines consistent throughout.

Both Hope and Lucas have interesting stories to tell, but the point-of-view switches are not as smooth as I've read in previous novels. Plus, some of the "mindwork" that Hope has to do in order to feed her demon can be confusing and awkward to read.

Personal Demon did add an interesting element to the mix of talents and a new adversary to watch out for. The book's definitely worth a read.

review by
Becky Kyle

7 June 2008

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