Kelley Armstrong,
Women of the Otherworld #3: Dime Store Magic
(Spectra, 2004)

I actually didn't realize Dime Store Magic was the third book in a series when I picked it up at the bookstore. In my opinion, this is a strong recommendation. One of my pet peeves about this genre is the "to be continued" tag after slogging through 400-plus pages.

In Kelley Armstrong's world, the supernatural is real. Witches and sorcerers are old races with hereditary magical powers. They're also adversaries.

Paige Winterbourne and her ward, Savannah, are both well-realized characters. While still suffering grief from losing her mother, 22-year-old Paige is foster mom to Savannah Levine, a very talented and probably dangerous young witch.

Paige discovers her ward is possibly the product of a witch-sorcerer cross when her sorcerer/father lays claim to her. The resulting custody battle is a pitched magical fight that keeps you turning pages until the story reaches its conclusion.

Overall, this novel is a very good read.

review by
Becky Kyle

26 April 2008

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