Kelley Armstrong,
Women of the Otherworld #7:
No Humans Involved

(Bantam Dell, 2007)

Jamie Vegas is a necromancer; in other words, she sees dead people. Ghosts are forever approaching her wanting some sort of favor. She doesn't begrudge the ghosts their wants, but at the same time were she to help every ghost she saw or every ghost who asked for help, she would never have a moment's peace.

Jamie makes her living as a television and stage personality faking ghost communication for those relatives and friends who so desperately want contact. She could really make contact if she wanted, but instead chooses to save herself the trouble and just tell those living friends and family members what they want to hear.

Teaming up with a few other entertainment spiritualists (errr ... charlatans), she is sent to a home in Brentwood, California, to try and communicate with the ghost of Marilyn Monroe for an upcoming television special. When she gets to the house, she doesn't find Marilyn, she finds a few other ghosts who are trapped between worlds and needing her help. And so the troubling and emotional mystery begins.

Jamie is probably one of the most vulnerable members of the supernatural council that is composed of werewolves, witches, sorcerers, vampires and demons. Her only magical gift is necromancy. All the other council members have gifts that give them some sort of power or edge against enemies. Jamie wants to help with all the investigations, but more often than not she finds herself needing help she has been kidnapped, possessed and just physically outnumbered.

Seven books into this series and I am as entertained as I was with the first -- probably even more so. I have become so attached to the characters, and Jamie has been a favorite from the start. Being able to get to know more about her was a satisfying way to kill a couple of days. You finally get a glimpse at what makes Jamie tick, a look at her past and her childhood that has brought her to where she is today.

After watching Jamie trip over her tongue and feet while she nursed a crush over alpha werewolf Jeremy for the last four years, they FINALLY come together in one of the most frustrating love scenes ever written. I was beginning to think that while they were mentally and emotionally on the same plane, physically they were never going to get together.

It's wonderful to read stories where women are the leads and they are strong both mentally and physically, without having to sacrifice their femininity. I quite simply adore this series. It's creative, intelligent writing. The series is gaining momentum with every book. The characters and the plots show no sign of slowing down or growing tired. With each book comes new surprises and gifted storytelling. I hang on to and look forward to every word.

book review by
Cherise Everhard

11 February 2012

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