David Artuso,
Bear Goddess
(Swimming Kangaroo, 2008)

David Artuso's Bear Goddess creates a new mythology centered around a wise god who falls for a goddess forever chased by fear and despair, in the shape of a cloak. When the dark cloak finally consumes the goddess, she becomes a creature of horror who longs to destroy the Earth she helped shape in her anger at the cruel turns of fate.

While this original mythology is interesting, Artuso's first-time storytelling relies on it too heavily. Every element of the myth is repeated numerous times, while Artuso's contemporary storyline lacks character development and, for much of the book, any significant happenings. An erotic flavor brings certain scenes zest, but for the most part the story ambles loosely around the base myth while the characters create unsupported relationships and the Bear Goddess launches her own tale, which makes less sense all the time.

It all started with a good idea, but the end result is a 230-page book without much to say for itself.

review by
Whitney Mallenby

10 July 2010

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