Atomic City Rhythm Rascals,
Atomic City Rhythm Rascals
(Grinning Deer, 2001)

Blues? Folk? Antique American country music? Celtic? If you're talking about the Atomic City Rhythm Rascals, you'd be right on all counts.

In their self-titled 2001 release, David Lovett (banjos, guitar, mandocello), Evan Carawan (hammer dulcimer), Chris McMahon (double bass, classical guitar) and Tim Worman (fiddle, banjo, mandolin, concertina) lay out an hour of old-time reels and great toe-tappers, not to mention the nice smooth and quiet ballads.

The album, 25 tracks over 67 minutes, covers the band's past three-year history, including ten cuts off the cassette Two Steps Back and excerpts from live performances. And in truth, I really wouldn't know where to start about how enjoyable this album is. It spans many sounds in the range of country and folk. The way the guys come together in harmony is a beautiful treat to the ear of any music fan. I can say this for sure: this little gem has found it's way into my regular play rotation.

[ by Charlie Gebetsberger ]
Rambles: 16 October 2001

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