They like us, they really like us!

Turns out Rambles.NET is earning its share of attention and acclaim.
Here are some of the awards and comments we've received.

Event Horizon
Rambles was named a Hot Spot by Ellen Datlow and Event Horizon, Ellen's excellent webzine for science fiction, fantasy and horror.

"A terrific music-books-and-stuff site."
- Neil Gaiman, author

"I think Rambles is a great site, and I check in on it regularly."
- Terri Windling, author, artist & editor


"Your site is beautifully designed, full of interesting, useful and entertaining content, as well as being fast loading and easy to navigate. Rambles Reviews is definitely a role model of web excellence to the Internet Community, a site in which I would certainly encourage others to visit and enjoy." - Tritia Brown, Tritia's Awards of Excellence

"We can always count on the Rambles reviewers to pick up on something different from what other reviewers focus on."
- James Reams & Tina Aridas

"Thanks for taking the time to 'understand' the concept."
- Howie MacDonald, Cape Breton fiddler

"Your reviews are in depth and thoughtful but most importantly they are honest." - Maximilian Eubank, singer-songwriter

"Great site." - Rainer Neumann, author

"What a website, someone should get an award for this one. I am really impressed."
- Dianne MacAskill

"Thank you for supporting the independent and folk comunity."
- Lojo Russo

"It is important that those in your position take an interest in independent music, and we appreciate the fact that you do so responsibly."
- Harold Hill, singer

"I've visited your site to read reviews, etc. -- no surprise that I looked up at my clock to see nearly 2 hours had passed -- and will be going back to it again ... and again ... many times. It's an awesome site."
- Wendy Conrad, singer

"Youre magazine is great, a great resource for so many people. ... Keep up the good work!"
- Lisa Butchart, manager/promoter

"I was thinking about buying Natalie MacMaster's latest CD, but wanted to read some reviews about it first. After reading one rave review with no criticism whatsoever, I didn't think I was getting the whole picture. Then I found your site, where you pointed out the positive aspects of her CD as well as the negative. I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your review and it was really helpful."
- Stephanie Middelkoop, a new reader

"Yay! Thank you so much -- Rambles is a beautiful site. THIS is what I've been looking for on the Internet, what I expected to find two years ago when I first started to troll about on-line. Your site is smart without being pretentious, beautiful graphics and it 'feels' right. Thank you so much, I can't express how happy I am to have found this place!"
- Beth, another new reader

"This is the best site I have ever visted in my life. Thanks a lot!"
- Johny Ayala, yet another one

"Great site! What a huge amount of information! ... but presented in such a logical, fast-loading and user friendly way that it never feels overwhelming." - John & crew, Frog Creations


"I felt immediately at home on your website and especially enjoyed perusing the music-related pages." - Laurie Swigart, Theatre on a Shoestring

"I've been a fan of the Rambles site for ages...." - Fabulous Lorraine Garland of the Flash Girls

"This is a great site for Celtic music reviews." - Christina Harrison, Scottish singer

"Keep up the excellent site!" - Chris Meyer of Alias Zone

"I really enjoy your site. Very easy to navigate and great reviews of music and artists." - von Baron, jazz musician

"Hi Folks ... your site is cool!!!" - Tu-Bardh Wilson of Clann An Drumma

"What a surprise to read your review. You really got it. You really hit the nail on the head. Thank you!" - Irish singer Ian Gallagher


"A very nice site, excellent design, beautiful original graphics, and your content is informative, entertaining, presented well and easy to access. A worthy enterprise and a positive contribution to the Web." - Bill Darling, Critical Mass

"...very user friendly, informative and just plain cool." - Rick Summer Droit, folksinger

"It's clear that you and your staff simply love good music and books; it's a pleasure meandering through your classy, interesting site." - Patti Ecker, singer

"It was delightful to visit an independent cultural site that was entirely literate and thoughtful while highlighting fresh territory." - Ilene Barth, creative director, Red Rock Press

"I just discovered your zine and I like everything I see. Excellent in-depth reviews and interesting and insightful articles." - Kris Garnjost

"Thanks for all you do for folk music! It's hard work!" - Patty Lebbing, Trout Fishing in America

"Your website is absolutely gorgeous! I was really taken in by the beauty of its layout ... it's breathtaking." - Tannis Slimmon, singer

"Tom, your Rambles.NET is a gem, a wonderful magical place filled with lots and lots of delightful things ... kind of like a pastry shop or ice cream shop. Love it!" - Erika Borsos, reviewer

"Rambles is one of the premiere resources for folk music on the Internet. The reviews are always comprehensive and authoritative, and the actual site is intelligently organized and easy to navigate. Well done!" - Flora Reed, Signature Sounds

"Only two websites have inspired and excited me in the way a trill from the Cape Breton fiddle sends a passionate message to my head, makes my heart leap, and shivers roll down my spine. One, of course is Rambles. ... This is the Internet as I imagined its use." - Virginia MacIsaac, Celtic Music Interpretive Centre of Judique, Nova Scotia

"In a day age where many online publications' contents read as a short info-mercial paraphrased from the press release, is the rare exception where you can find in-depth analysis on a diverse area of the cultural arts including fiction, folklore, movies and music; as well as find out about the people who are writing about it! Ramble on! (You guys rock! Keep up the great work!)" - Jimi Schultz, national publicity manager for Putumayo World Music

"Whether you are a devoted Celtophile or simply a music aficionado, Tom Knapp's Rambles is a delightful online magazine which will both amuse and inform. With a impressive list of reviewers and contributors, there are a variety of different writing styles and points of view to keep things fresh and intriguing. In addition, this is a prolific group and there are always new articles, reviews and, yes, Rambles (a useful "What's New" feature) to pique the interest. The site is very user-friendly with intuitive navigation and handy links to selected vendors who carry the music and books that are reviewed." - McShane Glover, Noteworthy Productions

"While I can find my way around the world, drums, mountains and quills, computers have taken a bit longer to master. But at last -- ah hah! -- I've discovered the Great Web and something shining there -- Rambles! Ta se go h-iontach agus go h-ailinn! (It's wonderful and beautiful!)" - O.R. Melling, author

"I was steered to Rambles recently, and though I've only dipped into your fiction reviews, I wanted to tell you I'm impressed. I'm appreciative of kind words about my own books ... but I'm also happy to find your reviewers responding carefully to many books, widely varying, that I greatly admire. ... Keep up the good work." - Guy Gavriel Kay, author

"I just wanted to say I have just taken a better look at your site and it's great. Thanks for being such a strong supporter of Maritime music. ... You seem to have more of a sense of the music scene up here then anyone." - David Myles, New Brunswick singer-songwriter

"Rambles rocks!" - Jim Lacey-Baker, Walkie-Talkie

"You have a great website and some kind people giving their time and valuable insight. Keep up the good work. You are keeping us alive!" - Christina Harrison, Scottish-American singer

"The site has an unusual mixture of content, with a lot of original (in both senses) writing. Its very originality comes as a surprise: websites tend to give us mainly what we expect. If you wander in here it may be hours before you emerge." - from the Doras review of Rambles

"I must admit, we're not the biggest folk music fans. At least...we weren't until your site caught our attention. There are 6 judges here at the Bohica2k Award Headquarters, and we couldn't get enough of your site! Rambles is loaded with information! And so down to earth!" - Chuck Bisbee, executive director, Bohica2k Art Studio

"Every once in a while there comes along a cultural arts magazine (or in this case an "e-zine") that grabs your attention. Rambles happens to be one of those. You'll find it's the BEST web source for folk & traditional music, speculative fiction, folklore and so much more. ... The layout is very well done, and the site is easy to read." - from the Bohica2k Art Studio review

"Refreshingly thoughtful and well-written. ... Even in publications specifically oriented toward covering contemporary music it is -- unfortunately -- rarer still to find this level of insight coupled with a willingness to take the time to do a recording justice." - Jack Tottle, director, ETSU Bluegrass & Country Music Program, Center for Appalachian Studies and Services

"Thanks for the excellent review of my record. It's always a welcomed surprise when someone actually gets it and expresses it well in prose. Honestly, I'd say your review is currently my personal favorite (that I've seen) -- as I think you summed up the record much better than I could have done in a straight essay." - John Wheeler, Hayseed Dixies

"Thanks for helping make the Web a more interesting and attractive place to visit." - Thomas Kilsberger, Sundsbergets

"I have always loved the reviews of Fabulous Records products that Rambles has done -- and the latest review of Drunkards, Bastards, and Blackguards is no exception. Many of the views held by yourself as a reviewer, on this and many other occasions -- whether positive or negative, seem to be identical to mine as a producer."
- Adam Stemple of Boiled in Lead and the Tim Malloys, producer for Fabulous Records

"Congratulations on the success!"
- Joanie Madden, Cherish the Ladies

"Rambles is a fantastic site." - Heather Dale, singer

"Rambles is a treasure trove of information. It must take an inordinate amount of time and energy to coordinate such a venture. You are to be heartily commended. In a way, you are very much like the original folk collectors themselves ... discovering, notating, sharing and thus preserving the folkloric wealth around us for the greater good."
- Margo Carruthers, singer/storyteller

"Your web site is fantastic: the most accessible and diverse site I have found for reviews of art and culture."
- Michelle Beuttel

"I can't tell you how much independent artists appreciate and need reviewers who are willing to take a chance on unsigned artists. ... Thanks again for doing what you do."
- Tina Marzola, singer

"Thank you for running a great website, and for providing such a great outlet for artists such as myself, who would otherwise have nowhere to turn for our work to be noticed."
- Larry Pattis, guitarist

"Keep up the great work, your site is refreshing and informative."
- George Schoemaker, Stonecircle

"I enjoyed the simplicity and elegance of your site."
- Raymon Elozua

"I love your website! I get better book reviews from your site than I do from the New York Times."
- Alexis Trout

"I like your idea of an online magazine, and the format and colour are very good. Congratulations!"
- Alan Wilson

"Thank you very much for including the reviews of my albums on your site. I really appreciate how your reviewers took the time to really listen to all the tracks."
- Ron Korb, flute musician/composer

"This is a tough industry to break into, and people like you, who support the arts and take the time and the effort to support your fellow artists, are simply priceless."
- Karla K. Morton, poet/bard

"I enjoyed surfing your site, and I am sure everybody else will too."
- Eric Nielsen, Nielsen Web Design

"What a cool site. Thanks so much for doing something this well. I appreciate your book reviews and have used several to introduce me to new authors."
- Bill Woodburn

"Very well written and thought out. Thank you for including our artists in I've always looked to you guys as the authority on trad music.."
- Devon Leger, Hearth Music