Baby Celtic,
Wigglyjigs & Irish Lullabies
(Rover, 2004)

Baby Celtic, a project led by two proud moms, claims to be the perfect recording to introduce youngsters to the wonder of Irish music. Based on their experiences, they explain on their website, this music will calm irritable babies and put smiles on pouting lips; that claim alone will have exhausted parents lining up to take a copy home, I'll wager.

Frankly, I'm pretty sure any number of Irish music CDs would work just as well. And, I'll be honest, I approached Wigglyjigs & Irish Lullabies with the niggling fear that the music would be watered down somehow, diluting the music I love so much with "age appropriate" instruments and arrangements that would leave a true fan shuddering with horror.

Never fear, moms Amy Millar and Laura Cameron seem to know what they're doing. The music here is up to par and should please many a discriminating Celtic listener. And, hidden behind kid-friendly titles like "See Ya Later Alligator" and "The Whirling Merry-Go-Round" are fine versions of standards tunes including "The Galway Hornpipe," "The Reconciliation Reel," "The Maid Behind the Bar" and "Kesh Jig." OK, sure, "Skipping the Rope" mixes "This Old Man" (the "paddywack" song) in with traditional tunes, and "Toor-a-Loor-a-Loor-a" puts the final cap on "Here Comes the Pony/Golden Slumbers," but overall this is a likeable assortment of Celtic tunes.

A DVD version of the product, according to one online source, features "stimulating images, funny puppets and cultural displays set in time to lively Celtic music."

by Tom Knapp
21 April 2007

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