Eternal Magus
(English Garden, 2002)

This is a CD to be experienced.

The bones of the music and performances come from a fusion of two bands, Holy Trinity and Kingfishers Catch Fire. It appears to be a band that no longer exists but is a remix and remaster of old tracks. The sound is a sort of Celtic soul, with echoes of Enya in the vocals and a more electric beat.

With track titles such as "Eternal Magus," "Gnosis" and "Universe" you can detect that otherworldly feel that comes through. Excellent playing combines with vocalisation that segues into "mouth music" to give us an album that may not produce a hit single but which is well worth a careful listen.

"Palestine" is a thoughtful vocal track that has a very real message. Unfortunately, without the printed lyrics it could be difficult to understand the words and beautiful as the performance is, it could lose much of the impact. I also liked the track "Never Never" and this time the lyrics are not provided.

Put this CD on your player, lie back and let the music enter your soul. At 15 tracks this is a good value CD that will reward a careful and attentive listen.

- Rambles
written by Nicky Rossiter
published 26 April 2003

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