Sam Barsh,
I Forgot What You Taught Me
(RazDaz, 2008)

With I Forgot What You Taught Me, Sam Barsh has put together a CD of beautiful, light jazz.

Not smooth jazz, however, with its accompanying overproduction and blandness. Barsh has a light touch on electric piano and similar keyboards. Tim Collins plays vibes, a soft instrument itself, and Ari Folman-Cohen on bass and Jaimeo Brown on drums appropriately stay in the background with subtle rhythmic backing. Barsh sets his keyboards to sound much like vibes, with a smooth tone and reverb, so that there is a consistent sound throughout the 13 tracks.

"Between Dead & Alive" and "Plans Change (reprise)" make nice use of the rarely used melodica, an instrument that is blown into like a horn, but uses a keyboard to produce notes.

The delicate and ethereal melodies stand out here. That, and the picture of Barsh on the flip side of the CD sleeve, naked from the back except for a keyboard covering his nether parts. But you will probably buy the CD for the songs.

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review by
Dave Howell

9 August 2008

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