The Brave & the Bold #1: The Lords of Luck
by Mark Waid, George Perez (DC Comics, 2007)

The Brave & the Bold is a welcome resurrection from the comics graveyard.

Once upon a time, the series focused on superhero team-ups that featured the Batman and some other guy. That tradition continues today, although the first volume of the new series -- The Lords of Luck -- begins with a Batman/Green Lantern team-up and then branches off as the two heroes go their separate ways and join forces with a wide array of characters from the DC stable. Among them are Supergirl, Adam Strange, the Legion of Super-Heroes from the 31st century, the bounty hunter Lobo and Blue Beetle.

The Book of Destiny, which details all events in the past, present and future, has been stolen, and used in conjunction with a weapon that alters probabilities, the very fabric of existence is at stake. Batman and Green Lantern strive to restore reality to its proper balance in an adventure that will take them to the distant planets of Rann and Ventura as well as Earth's own future.

Writer Mark Waid and artist George Perez team up to tell the story, and it's a fun, fast and thrilling ride from start to finish. Highlights include Supergirl's not-so-innocent flirtations with Green Lantern and her grudging admiration for Lobo, and casual ease with which Batman puts the entire Legion of Super-Heroes in its place. The action is well-plotted, the dialogue is fresh and the art is crisp, clean and explosive.

If The Lords of Luck is an indication of things to come, then The Brave & the Bold is a book to keep on your to-read list.

review by
Tom Knapp

21 June 2008

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