by Alan Grant, David Roach
(DC Comics, 1996)

A serial killer is on the loose in Gotham, and the police are baffled by the ritual nature of the deaths. Batman, too, is stumped, until the Demon Etrigan shows up and leads him on the merry path to Hell.

There's none better than Batman on the dark streets of Gotham. With the Justice League, he's a top-class hero anywhere in the world. But in the depths of Hell, with demons striving for power and souls begging for solace, Batman is just ... silly.

Really, he's out of his element, folks. And wielding a magic stone against an arch-demon is just such a blatantly bad idea, I can't quite believe it saw print. Let's just pretend this one never existed, OK?

by Tom Knapp
13 January 2007