Stormy weather
A rambling by Beth Derochea,
September 1999

"Tell me whyyyyyyyy, there's no sun up in the sky -- Stormy Weatherrrrrrr."

That song has been going through my head lately, probably due to the recent spate of storms in my area. I'm glad for the rain, since it will help offset the damage done by the July drought and heat wave. Flowers and lawns perk up and shine. However, I also like the rain for itself.

Hurricanes, well, I can do without those. The same goes for floods and tornadoes. Plain rain I like. There is something comforting about the sound of rain pattering on a window, the way the grey light mutes the harsh colors of New York City, painting the streets gentle, soft and wet.

Rain is sexy. Walking in the rain with a new love, or even running to escape from getting soaked and knowing that you are going to get soaked anyway is exciting and fun. Kissing in the rain is heavenly, especially when the rain runs in your eyes and blurs your vision, heightening the dizzy in love feeling of the kisses.

Rain is an excuse for pampering. On a rainy day, baking cookies is a simple indoor pleasure that works for one person or many. Getting wet in the rain gives me the chance for a long hot bath, with warm towels and a flannel nightgown afterward. Don't forget candles: rain and thunderstorms mean there might be a blackout, and shouldn't a few candles be lit ahead of time, just in case?

Weather is what you make of it. Getting caught in the rain isn't the tragedy some people make it out to be. I like to look for the good side of rainy days.

[ by Beth Derochea ]