Black Irish Band,
The Day the Earth Shook
(Black Irish, 1989)

The Day the Earth Shook does not refer to the volume of the Black Irish Band at a live performance. The title comes from the fact that an earthquake hit California during their first practice in 1989. Since then, they have been shaking the Earth with rousing renditions of some well-known songs, and on this album we get 17 of them.

Opening with "Paddy Worked on the Railway," the band moves on through "Danny Boy," "Black & Tans" and "Spanish Lady." You will have heard most of the tracks before, but it is worth giving a listen to the Black Irish Band versions.

They mix in a few non-Irish songs as well. In particular I liked "Peggy O," definitely a new take on the song most of us first heard from Simon & Garfunkel.

They end with "Black Velvet Band," and you will be sorry to leave the company of this wonderful band of troubadours who have revived your interest in many traditional songs and given you some new works as well.

by Nicky Rossiter
17 December 2005

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