(Sugartree, 2007)

Blackheart is Chrissy Mostyn and Richard Pilkington, and that is about as much information as the album offers other than that they write the songs and appear to be British. (The link to their website, below, might provide some additional clues.) Like all albums of original work from artistes without a wide access to the airwaves, they face an uphill struggle despite their obvious great talent.

There is a sort of country feel to the album, especially on the opening track "Wonderland." It will lift the spirits and get the foot tapping -- no mean feat on a first hearing of an unknown duo.

"Flowers for Tomorrow" is a lovely love song performed by Mostyn, and I wonder about its relationship to the other flower song on the album called "Blue Flowers for Tomorrow," but more of that later.

The most enigmatic piece of writing on here is "94 Years." It seems at first to be about a person being told of the bad health of a parent, but the final few lines leave me wondering and re-listening.

"One of One" is a wonderful song that may or may not tell us of how the duo got together. Either way, it is a delightful track.

Just to intrigue me more and get me wondering about the location of the group is a track called "01204." It appears to be a love song to an unnamed town, but the numerical title reminds me of an American system. The confusion continues with "In America," a lovely tribute to the country (but maybe sounding a little dated with references to The Jackson Five). Intriguing and lovely to listen to.

If there is one outstanding track on this CD it is the aforementioned "Blue Flowers for Tomorrow." The theme is well known but the lyrics, delivery and emotion make this wonderful song about the loss of love to another entrancing. I could not wait for the denouement. Would she or wouldn't she? It's a short story in music.

I'd love to hear more of this duo.

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music review by
Nicky Rossiter

10 March 2012

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