Chrissie Blaze,
Mercury Retrograde: Your Survival Guide
to Astrology's Most Precarious Time of the Year

(Warner Books, 2002)

Do the stars rule our lives?

Every day millions of people turn to the astrology columns in newspapers and magazines to look for good omens for the day ahead. Perhaps most people accept the good omens and blot out any warnings or bad portents. But, whether you believe or disbelieve, this new book by Chrissie Blaze is worth investigating.

Here you will find an explanation for that glitch with your computer, the bad business decision or the disastrous first date. In a book filled with facts, charts, signs and explanations, she brings us face to face with the Mercury Retrograde. This is an astrological phenomenon that adds either spice or glitches to your star-oriented life.

Two historical events cited as being affected by the Mercury Retrograde are: April 15th 1912, when the Titanic sank and many who might have been saved lost their lives due to communications breakdown. November 7th 2000, when Mercury shifted out of retrograde just after the TV news wrongly predicted Gore's victory over Bush in Florida.

Apparently this phenomenon occurs for three weeks, three times each year and this book helps you to chart when it will affect you up to 2010. It also gives lists to let you trace back those bad decisions or events that may have been caused by the planet since 1910.

The book is a fascinating storehouse of information on astrology and sun signs, and it even has lists of what to do or not to do to minimize the effect of the retrograde. You may come to this volume skeptical but Blaze puts forward some strong evidence. She does this with wit and intelligence, and the book is very well written.

This is a very good read or a reference book to check out those old personal disasters. It is never boring. Go on, delve into it. The true believer can enjoy reassurance while the skeptic can look for reasons why they do not believe in astrology.

[ by Nicky Rossiter ]
Rambles: 13 July 2002

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