The Books of Magic: Bindings
by John Ney Rieber,
Gary Amaro, Peter Gross
(DC/Vertigo, 1994)

In Bindings, the first collected tale from the ongoing Books of Magic series, Timothy Hunter returns to the fairie realms seeking answers from a man of legend who just might be his father. But the young mage-in-training faces unexpected peril after appearing in the wrong place -- a haven for a scholar, of sorts, who is unmaking ("simplying") all of creation. Tim will be his next pupil -- and possibly, his next meal.

Meanwhile, Faerie is dying and the one mortal who knows the score has become a fugitive for bringing irrevocable proof of the land's ailment to its queen.

Bindings, published in 1994 and collected in '95, follows up on the story idea launched by Neil Gaimain in the Books of Magic miniseries. Tim Hunter is still young and untested, yet he shows a fledgling maturity in the face of mystical dangers. Death, too, plays a hand (and serves a delicious cup of tea) as the saga plays out, lands fall and sacrifices are made. In a perfect world, Gaiman would continue writing an endless array of titles; barring that miracle, this series at least seems to be in very good hands.

- Rambles
written by Tom Knapp
published 27 September 2003

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