Michael Braudy & River Alexander,
Celtic Afternoon Concert
(independent, 2006)

This live recording brings you no fewer than 22 tracks of what the performers call "spiritual music of Ireland and Scotland." Michael Braudy is an accomplished violinist who has played in venues around the world and River Alexander, a multi-instrumentalist, ably abets him.

On "Winter Solstice" we experience violin and Jew's harp to perfection. One of the most beautiful tracks on offer is titled "If Ever You Were Mine," although unfortunately there is little indication of its composer.

It's harmonica to the fore for "Corn Rigs." I first heard "Flatbush Waltz" from De Danaan many years ago, and it was wonderful hearing a simpler rendition on this album.

After an introduction they give us a nice version of O'Carolan's "Si Beag Si Mor." I hate to be pedantic listening to such beautiful music, but I hope the duo takes it in good faith; they spell the great composer's name wrong every time on here as well as the title of the piece. Their rendition of his "Give Me Your Hand" (not "thy") is beautifully played and very enjoyable.

One of the best tracks on offer is "Aly's Waltz," on which I heard distinct echoes of "Ashokan Farewell" at times.

This is a beautifully played selection of tunes, many that you will not hear elsewhere.

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review by
Nicky Rossiter

14 June 2008

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