Breadfoot, with Anna Phoebe,
Tea with Leo
(JeeziePeezie, 2006)

What do you get when you team a Delta bluesman and a classical violinist?

Hopefully something like Tea With Leo, which combines the talents of Breadfoot and Anna Phoebe.

Breadfoot (Stephan Meyers) is a down-home country-blues guitar and banjo picker who has been pleasing anti-folk audiences in the Big Apple for a number of years. Anna Phoebe is currently a violinist with the stellar Trans-Siberian Orchestra in London and comes from a mostly classical background.

The two teamed up over a two-day period in London for this delightful collection of instrumental music. The collaboration was arranged by Joan Coffey and 12 Bar. My only complaint is it's just too danged short, with only seven tracks.

Still, all seven are purely delightful and admirably demonstrate the talents of these two musicians. The overall theme is a bit on the melancholy side but that's all right. Breadfoot offers a folksy commentary on the songs in the liner jacket.

Selections are "A Hard Day in Manhattan," "Hilary Rose," "Polly Loved Me," "International Esther," "Kecha," "Smokin' on the Stoop" and "On the Day That I Go." I couldn't name a favorite if you paid me. I like them all.

On these tracks, Breadfoot plays steel-body Dobro and Bruno six-string banjo and Phoebe is heard on acoustic violin and her pink six-string Violectra, in addition to a toy piano. Leo Abrahams, who produced the album, adds a little more toy piano, some organ and percussion.

I'm hoping the pair will team up again for another album -- only next time lets make it a bit longer.

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review by
John R. Lindermuth

1 December 2007

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