When Bree Delian was 15 she ran away from home in Nimbin (a hippy commune in Northern NSW) to Canberra to become a yuppie. Unfortunately, or fortunately for her musical career, fast cars and fine dining didn't capture her soul, not like the Irish fiddler she met whose lilting melodies awakened her passion for traditional music. Hence followed years of traveling the country to festivals and sessions, with her button accordion strapped over her shoulder, in search of tunes. During this time Bree played with and learnt from many Australian and touring International musicians of high calibre.

In 1996 Bree co-produced and played on the critically acclaimed album Cooking For Brides, a young Irish Australian band. Two tracks off this CD were chosen for the compilation album Irish Pubs of Sydney. One year later she produced and played on the CD Season of Youth.

Bree now lives in Sydney where she haunts the hot-session spots, writes poetry and fiction and is learning the fiddle.

Stories by Bree include:

Senan's Haggart, Senan's Haggart

Martin Hayes: tradition through innovation (interview)

Brendan Power: Power to the harmonica (interview)