Nocturnals: Witching Hour
by Dan Brereton
(Oni, 2000)

Whenever a comics artist proclaims that "writing is important, but the art is everything," know that you have read a self-fulfilling prophecy.

That's what Rob Zombie wrote in his introduction to Nocturnals: Witching Hour. Its artist must agree.

Dan Brereton's art is terrific. Distinctive, well-executed, visually exciting storytelling is too rare in comics, and Brereton is blessed with an extra helping of talent, and a deep understanding of cartooning techniques. Visually, this is a fun Halloween romp as real monsters mix, undetected, with kids in costumes. But there is no real story or deep characterization.

Brereton stands in good company. Most comic writers and artists do not possess both talents in equal dregs. And when art is everything ... it isn't comics.

- Rambles
written by Michael Vance
published 7 June 2003