Judy Brunet & Bruce Wing,
Saying Hello, Feeling Goodbye
(independent, 2006)

This album deserves wide acclaim if only for that wonderful title. It says it all on a CD that is seen by Judy Brunet as one of "introspective exploration." As she says, it is a collection of songs about life and love, and that is exactly what you get.

From the opening track, "Red Shale," you are drawn into an intimate story that charts various stages of life and relationships that may reflect the writer, but in true literary fashion they will also mirror aspects of our own lives. This gives added life to already good lyrics as we pick out aspects of the songs that we can relate to our past. I particularly enjoyed "My Everything" and "Matters of the Heart."

Brunet is ably assisted by the accompaniment of Bruce Wing on all tracks, and they work extremely well together.

The album will appeal to all lovers of good lyrics, especially those with a romantic leaning. It is worth seeking out, and you may need to make an effort because like so many good releases it may not ever grace the airways of your local radio station.

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review by
Nicky Rossiter

10 July 2010

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