Allison Burnett,
Undiscovered Gyrl
(Vintage, 2009)

Amy has just decided not to go to college for a year, and to kill time the 17-year-old begins to write a blog. Writing under the name of Katie, she amuses her readers with tantalizing tidbits of her life. By changing names and pertinent facts she is able to keep anonymous her sordid tales about sex, drugs, drinking and the dysfunctional relationship with her parents and much older men.

Amy longs to be discovered and truly loved, but there is so much about herself and life she needs to discover first, and the lessons aren't always easy.

When I was younger the book to read was Go Ask Alice, the supposed real-life diary of a good girl gone bad with a heavy dose of drug abuse. This book reminded me of that one, immediately. I guess the blogs of today are the diaries of yesterday. It has the same concept, except I think this one is solidly more compelling. I began reading this book with the promise that after 20 pages I would clean my house ... and 290 pages later, I finally finished the book and was at least able to vacuum before the hubby got home.

It is a hard book to set down, and the blogs are all interesting although some are simple, some childish and selfish, some are sexy and some are downright sad. While reading I wondered how someone so physically and mentally mature could be so emotionally immature. She was at once a child and a whore, innocence and corruption; half the time I wanted to smack her, the other half I wanted to hold her tight.

I can highly recommend this read; on entertainment value alone I would give it the highest praise. However, the ending is unnecessarily dismal and leaves you with more questions than answers and no real closure. I hate that. I am not a fan of unanswered questions or cliffhangers; I like a tidy clean ending. But maybe that's just me. Enjoy!

review by
Cherise Everhard

6 February 2010

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