Robert Cahill,
Haunted Happenings (With New Photos of Old Ghosts)
(Old Saltbox, 1995)

This selection from the "New England Collectible Classics Series" by Robert Cahill, former sheriff of Essex County, Mass., is one of my absolute favorite ghost-story books. I just loved reading about so many towns that are right around me, but there's plenty of interest here for those not from the area, as well. Don't let this slim volume fool you -- there are ghost stories aplenty in this concise but comprehensive volume!

The description, "with new photos of old ghosts," is true to its name. Packed with extensive, well-researched and documented history, as well as contemporary first-hand accounts of true ghost encounters and hauntings, actual photography of spirits captured on infrared film is included. The pictures are amazing and will send chills down your spine!

You will laugh with Cahill and shiver as well, as he writes with such an engaging sense of humor about his and his compatriots' adventures. His partner for most of the book, the semi-anonymous Brian-the-Monk, a Franciscan lay-monk and spirit photographer, accompanies Cahill on his sojourns into many a haunted place, with exceptional results. He aims his infrared camera at every nook and cranny, and the results are astonishing. There is one picture of John Stone that is especially amazing.

I am so happy this little book is available again. This humorous but very serious look into historical and contemporary hauntings is a bone-chilling addition to any ghost library. Highly recommended to anyone interested in the subject!

book review by
Lee Lukaszewicz

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