Rachel Caine,
Devil's Bargain
(Silhouette, 2005)

Devil's Bargain is another fun series-starter by novelist Rachel Caine!

Jazz Callender's life has been on the downside for several months. She is no longer a cop. Her partner Ben has been convicted and imprisoned for murder. She's pretty much at the end of her rope.

Then out of nowhere, attorney James Borden shows up with an unusual proposition. He and his law firm want her to partner up with a woman, Lucia Garza, who is also in law enforcement and, with a deposit of $100,000, start a detective agency -- the only strings being that the partners would occasionally do some jobs for the firm, no questions asked.

Jazz is a hoot. The story is fast-paced, the characters are likable and the mystery is fun. Guns, lawyers and attitude! Who could ask for more in a paranormal mystery?

by Gloria Oliver
5 May 2007

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