Jeff Callahan,
Havens, Haunts and Hollows
(Wild Oats, 2000)

You have to take notice of an album described as "Celtic/gothic folk." And after spinning Jeff Callahan's debut album Havens, Haunts and Hollows I can tell you I'm glad I did.

Jeff, a New Jersey singer-songwriter joined by other talented musicians, takes folk and Celtic elements, along with his own lyrics and voice, and creates an album of ten tracks that will have you humming and toe-tapping along.

His talents really shine in such tracks as "Two Hundred Miles," as he sings of journeying back to love, and in "Central Avenue Lullaby," the sad and haunting goodbye of a father to his daughter when her mother comes to take her to a new home far away.

The strongest thing in the album is Jeff's use of words and voice, and how he merges them with fiddle, guitar and other instruments. They complement each other well and make for great listening. This is a definite for folk and Celtic lovers.

[ by Charlie Gebetsberger ]