Lisa Cameron,
End of Blue
(independent, 2004)

Like many musicians, Lisa Cameron grew up in a musical family. She sang, played guitar and honed her talent in clubs and on Canadian radio. But it wasn't until after earning two degrees and years of working as a waitress, then a teacher, that she really launched a musical career.

Her first album, End of Blue, is the giant step beyond the hobby stage. And it's a commendable effort.

A treat for country-folk fans, End of Blue is the result of a chance meeting with multi-talented Canadian singer-songwriter J.P. Cormier. Friends introduced them, he liked her songs and that led to the album, on which he plays several instruments and helped to produce.

Cameron has a beautiful dulcet voice backed up by accomplished guitar work. She's joined on the album by Cormier playing guitar, mandolin, banjo and other instruments and Vern MacDougall, also on guitar.

Showing her devotion to her roots and those who have supported her in the past, she held a release party for the album at the Normaway Inn in Margaree Valley, Cape Breton, where she had a gig for years while she was waitressing.

There are 11 tracks on this album. Three that I especially like are "For Taylor," a tribute to her guitar; the blue-grassy "I'll Take My Time" and "Not This Time." Still, I can't find fault with anything here.

by John R. Lindermuth
29 October 2005

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