CC Railroad,
Smile Whatever
(Elizabeth, 2001)

CC Railroad is a talented New York City folk quartet comprising two men and two women who can harmonize like no other group around. This band adroitly combines its vocal prowess with a variety of rhythms and melodies (including but not limited to Spanish rhythms, bluegrassy finger-picking and traditional folk ballad storytelling). This is an intense, energetic CD that left me breathless and wanting to see them perform live. More music!!!

The testament to the talent of this group as a whole can be seen in the talent of each of its individual members. It is amazing that each member sang lead in at least one song and the different combinations of male and female vocals offset these talents with hauntingly beautiful harmonies.

My favorite piece of the CD is "Up For Nights," with Rich Boniface singing lead. His voice is absolutely beautiful and perfectly suited to the catchy, upbeat melody of the piece.

This CD is hot, a must-have for the folk-music lover and novice alike. It should be in every collection.

[ by Melissa Kowalewski ]
Rambles: 19 April 2002