by Caanan Grall (DC Comics, 2010)

Teamwork can be a valuable tool in creative endeavors, transforming one person's vision into a fully formed package.

Caanan Grall should have used teamwork on his stand-alone book Celadore. The idea is good, the presentation is appealing, but the vision is blurred and disjointed. He really could have used another pair of eyes on this one.

It's fairly entertaining. But it's also a hurried mess.

Celadore is a centuries-old woman whose spirit occasionally jumps bodies as she fights a never-ending war against vampires and other beasties. Evelyn is the 11-year-old girl who, because she's in a coma and not using her body much, becomes the inadvertent host for Celadore after Celadore's previous body is compromised. Sam is the loopy kid next door who's overly fond of Evelyn. There's also a tooth fairy, a frankenstein, a pair of deceased twins and an ex-boyfriend, among others, and Sam becomes a genie along the way. There's a plot about a vampire who's plotting to gain access to the day, and there's a kidnapping or two ... but frankly, the various plot threads are overwhelmed by the abrupt nature of Grall's narrative style. Developments and twists are thrown at the reader in a jumble, and it's far more confusing than it needs to be. The charming characters lurking within the story are never fully realized because they're lost in the constant barrage.

Born as a web comic, Celadore failed to grow into a successful book. If Grall wanted to continue working alone on this one, he should have stuck to the Internet.

review by
Tom Knapp

30 April 2011

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