Cherise Everhard

Reviews by Cherise include:

Celtic Woman
A New Journey
A New Journey: Live at Slane Castle

Cornelia Amiri
Druid Quest

Christine Amsden
Touch of Fate

Kelley Armstrong
Women of the Otherworld #5: Haunted
Women of the Otherworld #6: Broken
Women of the Otherworld #7: No Humans Involved
Women of the Otherworld #9: Living with the Dead
Women of the Otherworld #12: Spell Bound

Adrienne Barbeau & Michael Scott
Vampyres of Hollywood

Jenna Black
Guardians of the Night #2: Secrets in the Shadows
Guardians of the Night #3: Shadows on the Soul

Allison Burnett
Undiscovered Gyrl

Sarah Felix Burns
Jackfish, The Vanishing Village

Douglas Glenn Clark
The Lake That Stole Children

Sheila A. Dane
Fairy Hunters, Ink.

MaryJanice Davidson
Sleeping with the Fishes
Swimming Without a Net

Amanda Filipacchi
Nude Men

Bob Freeman
Cairnwood Manor, Book I: Shadows Over Somerset

Brian Froud & Ari Berk
Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Letters

Emma Gabor

Adele Geras

Kathryn Glendinning
After Gus

Paula Guran, editor
The Best New Paranormal Romance

Tate Hallaway
Garnet Lacey #2: Dead Sexy
Garnet Lacey #3: Romancing the Dead
Garnet Lacey #4: Dead If I Do

Dani Harper
Dark Wolf No. 1: First Bite

Charlaine Harris
Southern Vampire #5: Dead as a Doornail
Southern Vampire #6: Definitely Dead
Southern Vampire #7: All Together Dead
Southern Vampire #8: From Dead to Worse

Mary Hogan
Susanna Sees Stars

Barry Kane
Fairy Houses ... Everywhere

Karen Koehler

Marjorie M. Liu
Hunter Kiss #3: A Wild Light

L.S. Matthews
The Outcasts

Erin McCarthy
Vegas Vampires #1: High Stakes
Vegas Vampires #2: Bit the Jackpot
Vegas Vampires #3: Bled Dry
Vegas Vampires #4: Sucker Bet

Jeremy McGuire
O'Shaughnessey: A Boy & His Leprechaun

Richelle Mead
Georgina Kincaid #2: Succubus On Top
Georgina Kincaid #3: Succubus Dreams
Georgina Kincaid #4: Succubus Heat

Sienna Mercer
My Sister the Vampire #1: Switched
My Sister the Vampire #4: Vampalicious!

D. Mikels
The Reckoning

Dana Kamal Mills
Beirut in Shades of Grey

Maria Murnane
Perfect on Paper: The (Mis) Adventures of Waverly Bryson

J.A. Nevling
Burned: A Tragic Mystery

Diana Patterson & Rita Turner
The Longest Journey

Stefan Petrucha & Thomas Pendleton
Wicked Dead: Lurker

Kimberly Raye
The Devil's in the Details

Nora Roberts, writing as J.D. Robb
Creation in Death
Strangers in Death

Justina Robson
Quantum Gravity #1: Keeping It Real

Barbara Sullivan
Ripping Abigail
Unraveling Ada

Mitzi Szereto, editor
Red Velvet & Absinthe

Karen E. Taylor
Twelve Steps from Darkness

Daniel Waters
Generation Dead

Alexandrea Weis

Larriane Wills
The Knowing

Richard Yee
Deliveries: A Collection

Marly Youmans

In Bruges


Running with Scissors


True Blood, Season 1