Chris McCallister is a life-long Michigander. He started writing in elementary school, winning a fifth-grade districtwide creative writing contest, and he's never stopped (except during sleep, although some of his ideas were discovered there). At age 15, he had a diving accident, leaving him with a spinal cord injury and quadriplegia. He has a doctorate in clinical psychology and works for a nonprofit agency at a clinic for low-income children and their families.

Reviews by Chris include:

Cheyenne Brown
Parallel Latitudes

Buckley Mills
Violin on Fire

Wing & Hollow
Frozen Trees

Call of the Canyons

C.T. Adams & Cathy Clamp
Touch of Evil

Alex Archer
Rogue Angel #1: Destiny
Rogue Angel #2: Solomon's Jar
Rogue Angel #3: The Spider Stone
Rogue Angel #4: The Chosen

Edward Aubry
Static Mayhem

Eunice Banks
The Trouble With Tom

Jeffrey E. Barlough
Strange Cargo

C.G. Bauer
Scars on the Face of God

Greg Bear
Dinosaur Summer

Ursula Bielski
There's Something Under the Bed: Children's Experiences with the Paranormal

D. Barkley Briggs
Legends of Karac Tor: The Book of Names

Matt Browne
The Future Happens Twice

D. Kim Burnham
The Bureau of Resurrection

Jack Campbell
The Lost Fleet: Dauntless
• The Lost Fleet #2: Fearless

Roy Campbell
Song of the Jackalope

George Chesbro
Second Horseman Out of Eden

Beth Cooper
Ghosts of Kansas

Ron Costello
The Junto: Racing to the Bell

David Clement-Davies
Fire Bringer

Wim Coleman & Pat Perrin
The Wand Bearer I: Juggler in the Wind

Paul Collins
The Skyborn

Douglas Coupland
Eleanor Rigby

W. Dale Cramer
Levi's Will

Peter Crowther
The Spaces Between the Lines

Peter Darrach
Second Skin

Charles de Lint

John Dicke
Proof Evident

Robyn & Tony DiTocco
Atlas' Revenge

Bob Dole
One Soldier's Story

Ken Douglas
Dead Ringer

Jennifer Fales
Shadows & Fire

Kenneth Fenter
The Ruin

Pat Frank
Alas, Babylon

Lorna Freeman
The King's Own

Brent Ghelfi
The Burning Lake

Jayel Gibson
The Wrekening

Thomas Glavinic
Night Work

Shari Goldhagen
Family & Other Accidents

Lisa M. & Michael S.A. Graziano
Cretaceous Dawn

Elmore Hammes
The Holmes & Watson Mysterious Events & Objects Consortium: The Case of the Witch's Talisman

Bob Harvey
Me & You Too: Catalyst

Robert Heinlein
The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

Brian Herbert & Kevin Anderson
Sisterhood of Dune

T.L. Hines
The Dead Whisper On
Waking Lazarus

Susan Hughes
The Island Horse

Liam Jackson

Gregory L. Jantz
The Stranger in Your House

Sean Johnston
All This Town Remembers

Diana Wynne Jones

Tammy Kaehler
Dead Man's Switch

Richard W. Kelly

Larry Ketchersid
Dusk Before the Dawn

Ron King
The Quantum July

Zinna Kingsley
The Lord of Dream & Metal

Travis Klingaman
The Battle Within

Rob Kroese
The Force is Middling in This One

Kelli Sue Landon
Nightmare at Camp Forrestwood

Ward Larsen
Fly By Wire

James Richard Larson
The Right Thing

Sally O. Lee
The Rabbit & the Snowman

Elmore Leonard

Rory Macaraeg
The Fifth Dimension

Garasamo Maccagnone
St. John of the Midfield

George R.R. Martin
Song of Ice & Fire #3: A Storm of Swords
Song of Ice & Fire #4: A Feast for Crows

Marzollo & Wick
I Spy: A Book of Picture Riddles

Laura McClendon
Too Many Secrets

Kelly McCullough
Ravirn #1: WebMage
Ravirn #2: Cybermancy
Ravirn #4: MythOS

Ian McEwan
The Daydreamer

Steve McGill
The Cave

Kaya McLaren
Church of the Dog

Carlton Mellick III
The Menstruating Mall
Punk Land
Sea of the Patchwork Cats
Sex & Death in Television Town

David Michael
The Summoning Fire

Scott Nicholson
The Farm

Steve North

Jay Nussbaum
Blue Road to Atlantis

Ryan O'Brien
The Land of Whoo

Steve O'Brien
Elijah's Coin

Mel Odom
Hellgate: London: Exodus
The Quest for the Trilogy

John Paul Padilla
Johnny Big Ears

Christopher Paolini

Robin Parrish

Mervyn Peake
Titus Groan

Frank Peretti & Ted Dekker

Nicholas Prata

Terry Pratchett

Jack Priest
Night Witch

Bill Pronzini
The Jade Figurine

Phil Rickman
The Man in the Moss

Jennifer Roberson

Cameo Rowe
Defenders of the Realm: The Mystic Arts Tournament

Rebecca K. Rowe
Forbidden Cargo

John Scalzi
The Android's Dream
Ghost Brigades
The Last Colony
The Sagan Diary

Brian Selznick
The Invention of Hugo Cabret

Lemony Snicket
The Wide Window

Michael Stallard, Carolyn Dewing-Hommes & Jason Pankau
Fired Up or Burned Out

Peter Straub
Pork Pie Hat

Jonathan Stroud
Bartimaeus Trilogy #3: Ptolemy's Gate

Stan Swanson
The Misadventures of Hobart Hucklebuck

C.L. Talmadge
The Green Stone of Healing #1: The Vision
The Green Stone of Healing #2: Fallout
The Green Stone of Healing #3: The Scorpions Strike

Lesley Thomas
Flight of the Goose

Hannah Tinti
The Good Thief

Lisa Unger
Beautiful Lies
Sliver of Truth

Simon Van Der Heym
In Search of a Brilliant White Cloud

Jo Walton
Among Others

Curt Weeden & Richard Marek
Book of Nathan

David Wellington
Monster Nation

Debbie Lee Wesselmann

James White
The Genocidal Healer

Gene Wolfe
Home Fires

John Wrieden
The Souls of the Fire Dragon

David Zindell
The Lightstone

The Arrival

Graphic Classics
• #20: Western Classics

Bambi II

The Bear (L'Ours)

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe

Defending Your Life


Dumbo: Big Top Edition


The Fugitive

Quigley Down Under

Red Light Go

The Shootist

Shrek the Third

Star Trek: The Next Generation: All Good Things...

Tara Road

Tinker Bell


20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

The Vikings

The Water Horse