Wendy Cincotta,
Adventures in Evergreen #1:
Christopher's Adventures in Evergreen

(Evergreen, 2003)

Wendy Cincotta goes out on a limb to get characters for Christopher's Adventures in Evergreen. Her story is launched when Christopher, the hero, is lost in a forest after he wanders away from a family picnic. Help arrives when a tree comes to the boy's rescue. It is no ordinary tree, Christopher thinks, as he takes in the sight of a tree in uniform, brass buttons and all.

According to Sir Two, there's a war going on. The Polar Bears are involved and many trees are marching to the north and the Land of Evergreen. Christopher is wild about the idea of seeing this encounter and he tags along with Sir Two. The adventures begin when they go through the Air Door and they continue in a mad whirl, which suits Christopher to a T.

From my perspective as a veteran elementary school teacher, I predict that kids will like the wacky conversations and situations in this book. It is my experience that they view playful language with affection, having met with great masses of it in the best children's books. Think of The Wind in the Willows, Winnie the Pooh and the many books of language expert Theodore Geisel. Action is key, too, and a hero has to take chances but use his head when he's in a tight spot. I think Cincotta is on the right track with Christopher's Adventures. Try this book on a fourth- or fifth-grader with a sense of humor and a good vocabulary.

- Rambles
written by Jean Marchand
published 25 April 2004

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