The City Boys Allstars,
Blinded by the Night
(City Boys Mike, 2014)

This a great, high-energy R&B album! All the arrangements on Blinded by the Night are very tight, with room for interesting improvisation by the City Boys Allstars. I especially love the inclusion of brass! The chemistry between all the musicians is obvious, and very welcome, and I like that the album was recorded live.

"Testimony" really sucked me into the album immediately, and its high expectations were met by the rest of the album. "City Boy Blues" is likewise a great final cut, with a very bluesy feel.

This version of "God Bless the Child" is heartfelt and passionate. However, the arrangement of "When You Needed Me," while it's a great song, seems to contradict the message. Still, it IS catchy.

This album is highly recommended if you like a good brass section, r&b and/or funk, with a bluesy undercurrent and notes of American roots music in an exciting and high-energy package.

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music review by
Amanda Fisher

3 January 2015

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