Albert L. Cobb & Todd Cobb,
Danny's Bed
(Schiffer Publishing, 2007)

Can a ghost really attach itself to a physical object? According to Al Cobb, it most certainly can. In October 1998, Al bought an antique bed for his son Jason at an estate auction. This beautiful golden oak bed ushered in a wild voyage into the supernatural for the Cobb family that none of them could ever have imagined.

In Danny's Bed, Al Cobb shares his journal of the paranormal events that took place in his home from the moment the antique bed was brought home. "Danny" was the first spirit to make contact with the family. He told the Cobb family, via notes written with the paper and pencil left out for him, that he had died in the bed in 1899 from an illness, probably yellow fever. Soon, the good china was in cahoots with the dining room table, and the table would set itself over and over, service for six, thank you. All the pictures in the house would often be turned at right angles. Light bulbs in the dining room chandelier unscrewed themselves, and the chandelier would swing by itself. There was a happy face made from oranges and bananas on the kitchen floor. The stopper in the kitchen sink developed a mind of its own and kept popping out of the sink drain, landing on the floor. Doors opened and closed, right in front of the family members. When the family tried to videotape some of this, the camera would shut itself off.

Other spirits began to make contact. January 1999 began a "parade of spirits" that included "Mountain Man," a spirit who fully materialized in front of Jason and announced himself with much bumping and thumping that could be heard throughout the house. "Jill" even threw a party. She left a beautiful Victorian invitation for the family, and the sound of music and laughter could be heard in the dining room. The invitation later disappeared.

Unfortunately, a few malevolent spirits also came to visit, announcing themselves by stomping about on the floors and ceilings. Cobb explains that late in April 1999, a "heavy atmosphere" could be felt in the house, and it was not at all pleasant. A non-working printer spit out the message, "We are never going to leave! Stupids!!!" Not only did the chandelier bulbs unscrew themselves -- they threw themselves across the room and hit the wall with enough force to break. One of these spirits nailed a threatening note to the wall with a knife. A knife was even thrown at Jason's back, imbedded chest high in the front door seconds after Jason ran out of the house and shut the door.

So, how much of this is true? Can this kind of stuff really happen? As with all true ghost stories, the reader must take the author at his word. Some may be skeptical, but I have no doubt these events happened exactly as Cobb relates them. I've had many experiences myself which have me convinced that all of this is plausible. Danny's bed apparently created some sort of portal through which other spirits could pass. In Cobb's last journal entry that is part of this book, the family was still being harassed by mischievous spirits, and Danny still makes an occasional appearance, although the bed was sold.

I have read many books on the subject of hauntings, and this is certainly one of the most fascinating. There is much we do not know about the unseen world. Al Cobb has done an excellent job recording his family's experiences with all of the strange happenings that occurred in his house. Perhaps some day we will be able to explain them.

book review by
Lee Lukaszewicz

27 May 2017

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