Harlan Coben,
Just One Look
(Signet, 2005)

I did not understand the ending to this book. There, I said it.

Now, I do understand how it turned out. I just don't get how we got there. There are so many hidden motives, masked identities and dark secrets that you practically need a flow chart to keep track. Seriously, you will probably enjoy this book more if you take notes, write down names and facts and then draw arrows.

Wu was too much of a robokiller. I liked Charmain a lot.

Harlan Coben can write a tense scene, like when Wu accosts and kidnaps Grace in the schoolyard, not knowing she has a gun strapped to her ankle. But the story here is just too labyrinthian.

This is my fourth Coben book and I will continue to read his work. Next time, though, I'll have pad and pencil ready.

review by
Dave Sturm

20 March 2010

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