Robert Tree Cody
& Hovia Edwards,
(Canyon, 2003)

Reflections is a collection of 13 original songs by Robert Tree Cody and Hovia Edwards. While the music of Cody and Edwards is music of their Native American heritage, their music is also for anyone interested in the genres of Native American, flute, new age or relaxation music.

The acoustic music of the flute, hand drum and voice is simplistic beauty in its truest form. Tree Cody's opening tune "Young Eagle Flight" sets the tone for the entire CD. Cody and Edwards appear separately and together on the CD, collaborating on only five tracks.

Reflections is aptly named. All 13 songs reflect song of life -- peace and harmony with the world around you. The music of Cody and Edwards reflect each other, and their flutes complement each other and blend in a way that only hand-crafted instruments can.

Grammy-winning Robert Tree Cody still dances and plays flute for tribal gatherings; but Reflections goes beyond the pow wow to reach a global community.

- Rambles
written by Sherrill Fulghum
published 21 February 2004

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