Loren L. Coleman,
Battletech: Endgame
(Roc, 2002)

Endgame is an entry in the long-standing Battletech series based on the popular games of the same name. In this installment, Victor Steiner-Davion has been completely demoralized by the assassination of his lover, Omi Kurita. Unable to lead his troops in the civil war against his usurping sister Katrina, Victor seems on the verge of abandoning his cause.

His friends and relatives close ranks behind him and rally him into action. Forced to devise strategies and build alliances, Victor is able to make a final push against Katrina and depose her.

The stars of the book are really the gigantic Mech Warriors, humanoid shaped and operated by human soldiers in the cockpits. The battle scenes are described in meticulous detail, as are the strategy sessions, and those with a penchant for such will be in heaven.

Around this centerpiece, author Loren L. Coleman weaves a political soap-opera narrative focusing on the struggle for power. He does it well and manages to provide enough back story to keep the uninitiated reader on track. Although he seems to leave the door open for future developments, this is the last title in this phase of the series and draws the storyline to a close.

This series is meant for the hard military science-fiction crowd as well as those who like to see things go "boom." BattleTech fans won't be disappointed.

- Rambles
written by Donna Scanlon
published 1 February 2003

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