Loren L. Coleman,
Battletech: Storms of Fate
(Roc, 2002)

Fervent Battletech readers will find a fast-paced storyline and a lot of action in the next installment of the series. Although FASA has closed its doors, a strong group of authors has committed to completing this story and bringing the civil war within the Federated Commonwealth to a close.

Sibling rivalry occurs in almost every family, but no other rivalry engenders hostility as well as that between Katrina and Victor Steiner-Davion. This ruling sister and overthrown brother harbor seemingly endless enmity toward each other; their differing personal values twinned with opposing political aspirations have culminated in the civil war engulfing the Federated Commonwealth and making waves throughout the Inner Sphere. Katrina's oppressive rule and Victor's struggle to regain his position of power have fueled the flames of battle dividing the Federated Commonwealth into scattered halves that are in a constant tug-of-war for power over the rival armies. Her boundless drive for power brings Katrina to lay plans that could shake the foundations not only of the Federated Commonwealth but of the whole Inner Sphere.

Although various authors write Battletech novels, one characteristic remains constant: no storyline lacks action. Storms of Fate follows in this Battletech tradition by dealing out various battle scenes steeped in technology as well as strategy. Additionally, I must say that the numerous battle scenes are not repetitious and serve to move the plot along smoothly rather than hinder it. The behind-the-scenes views of strategy and tactics spur the reader on and give the characters depth. The surprise loss of one major character also jumpstarts the reader's curiosity as to possible motives.

True to form, another Battletech author has given us a story that is neither light nor bogged down, with just enough action to make this war seem quite real.

[ by Carie Morrison ]
Rambles: 3 August 2002

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