Christopher Coppes,
Messages from the Light
(New Page, 2011)

Dutch writer Christopher Coppes is the president of of the International Association for Near Death Studies in the Netherlands and has been studying near-death experiences (NDEs) since 1979. That being the case, you'd expect him to be up to date and bring new dimensions to a book about them. He is content, however, to merely make the case that NDEs are a gateway to spirituality, that they prove that we live in four-dimensional world.

To bolster his case, he has gathered hundreds of case studies, which he presents and interprets to make a number of related points: we live in what he calls a unity universe, forgiveness is important, reincarnation is a fact, NDEs can bring on psychic experiences demonstrating that Great Changes are coming and we need to align ourselves with the positivity that these experiences can show us.

Coppes has done his homework; he has amassed a ton of interviews and has read all of the literature, and certainly he's a good enough enough writer to make the material flow and keep the reader's interest. If you're familiar with the field, though, you're not going to find anything new here. If however, you are new to the idea of NDEs and need a good basic overview, this book will provide that.

book review by
Michael Scott Cain

2 April 2011

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