Nonie Crete,
Girl in a Crazy World
(self-produced, 2003)

Nonie Crete presents a rich mixture of styles on her latest CD, Girl in a Crazy World. Although the main trend is toward folk, there are a couple of outstanding blues numbers and also a couple of country-sounding songs; within the album her talent for balladic folk is proven. This lady sings, writes, plays guitar and harmonica, and has even persuaded her teenage daughter to join her in song on the poignant "Mother Bird."

Nonie's voice is rich and mellow -- a pleasure to listen to -- and the lyrics are by turns emotive and tongue-in-cheek. The hard-bitten bluesy "15 Years" goes shoulder to shoulder with the delicate ballad "Take Me as I Am," the amusing, Cajun-flavoured "Turkey Dinner Supper" and equally funny but far more cynical "Wannabe Cowboys." Nonie runs through emotions as easily as she runs through the notes of her songs, each a stand-alone narrative, her own take on this crazy world.

Her personal interpretation of the world is lovingly crafted into songs that stay with you. Small wonder her following is spreading internationally; if listeners can't find at least one song that speaks to them, then they are not really listening. The haunting, yet strangely soothing "Let It Rain" is my favourite, with a stately, sorrowful, Celtic-folk feel to it and beautiful words.

Nonie may have titled her album Girl in a Crazy World, but she is a lady with a voice of sanity, whether she is poking fun at designer cowboys, mourning personal loss or injustice or celebrating love.

- Rambles
written by Jenny Ivor
published 31 July 2004

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