Joe Crookston,
Fall Down as the Rain
(Milagrito, 2004)

Joe Crookston comes from rural Ohio where he started experimenting with the guitar at age 13. From that early age his writing talent has been honed as he gave his personal take on the natural world.

The title track of this CD is a very potent example of that writing. The lyrics are interesting and have a very real eco-friendly feel and perhaps a certain metaphysical element as he recounts the circle of life.

"Don't Bring Me Flowers" is a beautiful song that mystifies as it unfolds. It asks, as we all do, to be loved in the here and now. I am sensing a theme as I move on to "The Good Stuff." Joe is fascinated with death, but not in any morbid way. This track is like a gypsy dance tune wedded to a tale of death and -- you will not believe this -- shopping.

He gives us beautiful word and music pictures of nature on the track "The Sylvan Song," which all good Latin scholars among you will recognise as wood. His humour is probably rooted in Roald Dahl, whose book about the chocolate factory seems to have inspired "Satisfied." I loved the writing on this track, which may give us the philosophy of the "children's" classic. My favourite track is called "Dance and Sway," a lovely story recalling an old man, a fiddle and, naturally, the love of his life.

Joe Crookston has produced a great album here. The lyrics are thoughtful, the tunes varied and interesting and the delivery rings through.

- Rambles
written by Nicky Rossiter
published 13 November 2004

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