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The Fables
Tear the House Down (1998)
A Time (2000)

Fairport Convention
Liege & Lief (1969/2002)
In Real Time: Live '87 (1987)
Old New Borrowed Blue (1996)
Meet on the Ledge: The Classic Years 1967-1975 (1999)
performance review (2001)
Fairport unConventional (2002)
XXXV (2002)
Over the Next Hill (2004)

Arlene Faith
Spirit of the Celtic Violin (2000)
River of Dreams (2003)

Fallen Angels
Fallen Angels (1992)

Available Light (2001)
Pollution Blues (2004)

Patrick Feeney
This is Me (2009)

The Fenians
Band of Rogues (1999)
Have Fun or Get Out! (2001)
Every Day's a Hooley (2003)

Green St. (2010)

Whilia (2000)

Aoife Ferry
Aoife (as Aoife Ni Fhearraigh) (1996)
The Turning of the Tide (2002)

Celtic Music from Wales (2002)

Fiddlers Bid
Naked & Bare (2005)

Fiddlers 3
Fiddlers 3 (2001)
Encore (2003)
The Rhythm Chapter (2007)

Pass It On (2007)

Fraser Fifield
Honest Water (2004)

Fraser Fifield Trio
Slow Stream (2005)

Figgy Duff
Weather Out the Storm (1997)

Time & Tide (1998)

Filthy Thieving Bastards
A Melody of Retreads & Broken Quills (2001)

Fine Crowd
Poverty's Arse (1995)

Fine Friday
Mowing the Machair (2004)

Cady Finlayson
Shines Like Silver (2002)
Irish Coffee (2007)

Aengus Finnan
Fool's Gold (2000)
North Wind (2002)

Finn MacCool
Sherdhana's Hand (2000)

Fire in the Glen
On the Road to Lisdoonvarna (2000)
performance review (2000)
Pirates, Wakes & Whiskey (2002)
Let the Wind Blow High (2005)
Shout 'til the Break of Day (2010)
Rattling o'er the Bogs (2017)

Archie Fisher
The Man with a Rhyme (1976)
Off the Map, with Garnet Rogers (1985)
performance review (2001)
Windward Away (2008)
A Silent Song (2015)

5 Mile Chase
5 Mile Chase (2003)
Your Town (2005)

Old Time Bush Swing (2001)

The Flash Girls
Maurice & I (1995)
Play Each Morning Wild Queen (2001)

Tommy Fleming
The Contender (2000)
A Life Like Mine (2006)

Flogging Molly
Swagger (2000)

Flatfish (1999)
Rubai (2002)
Haven (2006)

Robin Flower & Libby McLaren
Steelhead in the Riffles (2004)

Mick Flynn
The Love of the Land (1993)

The Tales That They Tell (2013)

Folk Underground
Buried Things (2003)
Get Y'er Hands Off 'Me Booty (2004)

Fonnmhor (2001)

Everdance (2004)
Trip to the Moon (2005)

Fortune's Hand
Rhythm of the Wind (2000)
Live at Dolan's Pub (2002)

Chris Foster
Traces (1999)

Four Men & a Dog
Maybe Tonight (2002)

Four Shillings Short
Kelptic OddYaSee (1996)
The Boggy Spew (1998)
Dodging Lodging (2000)

Julie Fowlis
Mar a Tha Mo Chridhe (As My Heart Is) (2005)

Bob Fox
Borrowed Moments (2003)
The Blast (2006)

Edel Fox & Ronan O'Flaherty
Edel Fox & Ronan O'Flaherty (2006)

Simon Fox
Night Fishing (2003)
A Winter's Tale (2006)

Gillian Frame & Back of the Moon
Gillian Frame & Back of the Moon (2001)

Aryeh Frankfurter
Celtic Harp: The Morning Dew (2003)

Alasdair Fraser
Dawn Dance (1995)
Return to Kintail, with Tony McManus (1999)
Legacy of the Scottish Fiddle, Vol. 1, with Paul Machlis (2000)
Fire & Grace, with Natalie Haas (2004)
Legacy of the Scottish Fiddle, Vol. 2, with Muriel Johnstone & Natalie Haas (2004)
In the Moment, with Natalie Haas (2007)
Highlander's Farewell (2011)

Kimberley Fraser
Heart Behind the Bow (1999)
performance review (2001)

Leela Barbara Fraser
Celtic Hits (2014)

Carleen Frazier-Adlam
On the Scottish Side (2000)

Mara Freeman
Celtic Tales of Birds & Beasts (1996)
Celtic Spirit Meditations (2001)

Eamon Friel
Word of Spring (2000)
The Waltz of the Years EP (2002)
The Waltz of the Years (2003)
Here is the River (2006)
Smarter (2009)

Deborah Friou & Julia Lane
Yuletide Treasure: A British Isles Winter Celebration (2002)

Fromseier Rose
Contradiction (2003)

Full Circle (Neil Anderson & Friends)
Full Circle (1999)

Aine Furey
Sweetest Summer Rain (2001)

Almost Home (2005)

mini index
Gaia Consort
Lennie Gallant
Dick Gaughan
Joe Giltrap
Glengarry Bhoys
Great Big Sea
Greenland Whalefishers
Charlotte Greig

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Gaelic Storm
Gaelic Storm (1998)
Herding Cats (1999)
performance review (2002)

Gaia Consort
Gaia Circles (1999)
Secret Voices (2001)
Evolve (2004)

Ian Gallagher
My Ireland (2002)

Lennie Gallant
Breakwater (1988)
Believing in Better (1991)
The Open Window (1994)
Live (2000)
Le vent boheme (2002)

James Galway
The Celtic Minstrel (1996)

Gan Bua
Live at Martyrs (2006)

Dick Gaughan
Redwood Cathedral (1998)
Outlaws & Dreamers (2001)
Prentice Piece (2002)
Lucky for Some (2006)
Live at the Trades Club (2008)

Maeve Gilchrist Trio
Reaching Me (2006)

Joe Giltrap
The Soldiers Tree (1998)
The Mountains of Mourne (2001)
Irish Charmer (2002)
Distant Memories (2003)
The Bravest, with Tom Paxton (2005)

Give Way
Full Steam Ahead (2003)
Inspired (2005)
Lost in This Song (2009)

Glencraig Scottish Dance Band
The Ceilidh: Are Ye Dancin? (2006)
Scottish Country Dances (Ah'm Askin') (2010)

Glengarry Bhoys
The Gathering (1999)
Juice (2002)
Rhoots (2003)

Glen Road
Round the Bend (2003)

Golden Bough
Christmas in a Celtic Land (1996)
Songs of the Celts (1998)
Pirate Gold (2007)

Michael Gorman
The Sligo Champion (2001)

Tim Gorman
Celtic Loop (2004)

The Gothard Sisters
Mountain Rose (2015)

Phamie Gow
Lammermuir (2001)
Dancing Hands (2005)

Ailbe Grace
Irish Grace Notes (2000)

Annie Grace
Take Me Out Drinking Tonight (2004)

Glenn Graham
Step Outside (2000)

Grand Derangement
Tournons la Page (1998)
Danse dans les Flammes (2000)

Great Big Sea
Great Big Sea (1993)
Up (1995)
Play (1997)
Rant & Roar (1997)
Turn (1999)
performance review (1999)
Road Rage (2000)
Sea of No Cares (2002)
Something Beautiful (2004)
The Hard & the Easy (2005)
Fortune's Favour (2008)

Green Crown
Washed in Her Blood (1998)

The Green Fields of America
The Green Fields of America (2013)

A Roof for the Rain (2001)
performance review (2001)

One Last Cold Kiss (2003)

Marianne Green, with Andy Irvine
Dear Irish Boy (2010)

Greenland Whalefishers
The Mainstreet Sword (1996)
Loboville (2001)
Streets of Salvation (2003)

Charlotte Greig
Night Visiting Songs (1998)
Down in the Valley (1999)
At Llangennith (2001)
Winter Woods (2003)

Gregory Grene
Flipsides (2008)

Grace Griffith
Sands of Time (2003)
Passing Through (2014)

Hayley Griffiths
Celtic Rose (2011)

Rufus Guinchard
Humouring the Tunes (1990)

Gordon Gunn
Wick to Wickham (2015)

Marc Gunn
Soul of a Harper (2004)
Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers, with the Dubliners' Tabby Cats (2005)
Happy Songs of Death (2009)

Dave Gunning
Caught Between Shadows (2000)

Bruce Guthro
Of Your Son (1998)
Guthro (2001)

Di-didl-lan (1994)

Gypsy Soul
Beneath the Covers: A Rediscovery (2007)

mini index
Hadrian's Wall
Christina Harrison
Martin Hayes
Jerry Holland

Hadrian's Wall
Hadrian's Wall (1996)
Glengarry (1997)
performance review (1999)
Elbow Grease & Whiskey (2000)
Live ... we're not done yet! (2001)
Tonight's Lineup (2009)

Kaitlin Hahn
Nice to Meet You (2004)

Rachel Hair
Hubcaps & Potholes (2006)
The Lucky Smile (2009)

Hair of the Dog
Release the Hounds (1997)
At the Parting Glass (2001)

Hammy Hamilton
The Moneymusk (2001)

Allison Hampton & Linn Barnes
The Dark Island (1989)

Jim Hancock & Friends with the Gypsy Guerrilla Band
Good Companions (1992)

Mick Hanly
Free to Run (2004)
Wish Me Well (2005)

Robert Harbron & Emma Reid
New Dogs, Old Tricks (2006)

Ian Hardie
A Breath of Fresh Airs (2012)

Ange Hardy
Bare Foot Folk (2013)

Jack Hardy
Omens (2000)

Harem Scarem
Let Them Eat Fishcake (2002)

Harpers Hall
Celtic Harp Magic (2000)

Harp 46
Harp 46, with April Stace (2003)
Passage (2005)

Christina Harrison
Bonnie Scotland I Adore Thee (1996)
Wee Folk Songs (1996)
Someday I'm Going Home (1998)
Exiles (1999)
Lassie wi' the Lint-white Locks (2000)
Mrs. Paterson's Daughter: Memoirs of a Glasgow Bairn (2007)

Michael William Harrison
First Time 'Round (2001)
For Kids of All Ages, with Linda King (2006)

Hart Rouge
Une Histoire de Famille (1998)

Frank Harte
Dublin Street Songs Through Dublin City (2004)

Shawn Prescott Haussler
Taking the Air (2005)

Bob Hay & the Jolly Beggars
Toils Obscure (2004)

Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill
The Lonesome Touch (1997)
Live In Seattle (1999)
The West, featuring the short fiction of Eddie Stack (2002)
Welcome Here Again (2008)

Joe Heaney
The Road from Connemara (2000)

Seamus Heaney & Liam O'Flynn
The Poet & The Piper (2003)

Ray Hearne
Broad Street Ballads (2001)

Behind the Green Bushes (1996)
Shule Aroon (2002)

Matt & Shannon Heaton
Blue Skies Above (2006)

Hecate's Wheel
Hecate's Wheel (2007)

The Titan: Traditional Music from Around the World (1993)
A Winter Solstice with Helicon (1999)

Allan Henderson
Estd. 1976 (2004)

Hamish Henderson
A' the Bairns o' Adam (2003)

Christie Hennessy
Stories for Sale (2005)

The Henry Girls
Between Us (2003)
December Moon (2013)

Henry Marten's Ghost
Ireland: A Troubled Romance (2002)
High on Spirits (2005)

Ivonne Hernandez
Playing with Fire (2002)

Paddy Hernon
By Request (1994)

Early American Roots (1997)
Neo-Medieval: Medieval Improvisations for a Postmodern Age (1997)
Celtic Roots (1999)
The Food of Love (2001)

Al Otro Lado (The Other Side) (2000)

Corrine Hewat
My Favourite Places (2003)
Silhouette, featuring the Dunedin Consort (2004)
The Sky Didn't Fall, with Kathryn Tickell (2006)

Jean Hewson & Christina Smith
Like Ducks! (1998)
August Gale (2006)

Ann Heymann
Cruit go nOr (Harp of Gold) (2006)

The Highland Rovers Band
Knights at the Castle (2001)

Highland Way
Caledonia to California (2008)

The High Road
Round the Bend: Music from the Gaelic Tradition (2000)

Christy Hodder
Celtic Energy (2004)

Susie Hodder-Williams & Chris Caldwell
Mariner's Way (2010)

Alex Hodgson
The Brig tae nae Where (2014)

The Hogs
Another Drop o' the Hard Stuff (2005)

Barby Holder
Haunt Me Forever (1999)

Jerry Holland
The Fiddlesticks Collection (1994)
A Trip to Cape Breton, with JCB (1997)
Fiddler's Choice (1999)
Crystal Clear (2000)
performance review (2001)

Jerry Holland & John Doyle
Helping Hands (2009)

Steve Holloway
Next Stop, Seelie Court (2002)

Hollow Log
Catch a Caber (2001)

Bruce Holmes
Life's an Intelligence Test (2006)

Getting Underway (1999)

Peter Horan & Gerry Harrington
Fortune Favours the Merry (2005)

Hotpoint Stringband
The Road to Burhania (2001)

Hot Toddy
Three Sheets to the Wind (1997)

The House Band
October Song (1998)

House Red
Uncorked (2006)

Rob Huffman
Tone Without Tension (2006)

Brenda Hunter, with Banshee in the Kitchen
Catching the Mooncoin (2003)

Ashley Hutchings
Street Cries (2001)

Dermot Hyde & Tom Hake
Pipeline (2003)


The Indulgers
In Like Flynn (1999)
Tan & Black (2001)
Celtic Tiger (2002)

The Banks of Newfoundland (2005)

Into June
The Lost Lyric (2000)

The Sound of Iona (1998)
A Celebration of Twenty (2006)

The Irish Brigade
Live at the Half Time Rec (2002)

The Irish Descendants
Gypsies & Lovers (1994)
The Best ... So Far, So Good (1999)

Irishtown Road
Irishtown Road (2000)

The Iron Horse
The Wind Shall Blow for Ever More (2003)

Eileen Ivers
Eileen Ivers (1994)
Crossing the Bridge (1999)
performance review (2001)
Eileen Ivers & Immigrant Soul (2003)
An Nollaig: An Irish Christmas (2007)
Beyond the Bog Road (2015)

Dafydd Iwan
Caneuon Gwerin (1993)


William Jackson
Inchcolm (1995)
Notes from a Hebridean Island, with MacKenzie (2001)

Hilary James
Laughing with the Moon, with Simon Mayor (2004)

Sian James
Pur (2000)

JCB with Jerry Holland
A Trip to Cape Breton (1997)

Delyth Jenkins
Aros (2006)

Jiggernaut (2000)
In Search of More (2001)
Evolution (2004)

JimJim & the FatBoys
Bottle Up & Go (2001)

Jock Tamson's Bairns
May You Never Lack a Scone (2001)
Rare (2005)

"Peerie" Willie Johnson
Willie's World (2007)

Linda Rice Johnston
A Bird in the Wood (2005)

The Johnstons
The Transatlantic Years (1992)

Bill Jones
Turn to Me (2002)
Faire Winds Live, with Aoife Clancy & Anne Hills (2003)
Two Year Winter (2003)

EJ Jones
The Willow (2002)

Nic Jones
Game Set Match (2006)

Looking for a Rock (2006)


Judy Kamminga
Visions of Freedom (1998)

Karen & Helene
Solen (2004)

Mike Katz
A Month of Sundays (2004)

Dolores Keane
Night Owl (2000)

Kathleen Keane
Kathleen Keane (1999)
Where the Wind Meets the Water (2011)

Sean Keane
Portrait (2001)

Kevin Keegan
The Music of Kevin Keegan (2004)

Pat Kelleher
Songs of the Sea (2005)

Alan & John Kelly
Fourmilehouse (2002)

Lisa Kelly
Lisa (2003)

Keltik Elektrik
Edinburgh Hogmanay Party Mix (1999)
Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Sit Down... (2000)
Hotel Kaledonia (2002)

Mary Ann Kennedy
 An Dan: Gaelic Songs for a Modern World (2017)

Nuala Kennedy
The New Shoes (2007)
Tune In (2010)
Noble Stranger (2012)

Ross Kennedy
Scottish Voice & Acoustic Guitar (2007)

Seamus Kennedy
Seamus Kennedy Live! (1982)
Bar Rooms & Ballads (1984)
By Popular Demand, Vol. 1 (1993)
By Popular Demand, Vol. 2 (1993)
Favorite Selections (1994)
Seamus Kennedy in Concert (1995)
Goodwill to Men (1996)
Let the Music Take You Home (1998)
Gets on Everybody's Nerves: The Kid's Album (2000)
A Smile & a Tear (2001)
Sailing Ships & Sailing Men (2008)

Sharon Kennedy
More Irish Folk Tales for Children (2001)

Enoch Kent
I'm a Workin' Chap (2002)
Songs of Love, Lust & Loathing (2003)

Totally Hammered (2003)

Penny Kerr
Conscious Contact (1997)

Tóg É Go Bog É (1999)
Luna Park (2003)

Bedlam Boys (2001)

KilBride: Traditional Fiddle Music from Cardiff (1997)

Pat Kilbride
Rock & More Roses (1989/1994)
Nightingale Lane (2002)

The Killdares
A Place to Stand (2000)
Live (2002)

Killultagh (2002)

Kilmarnock Edition
Pay It Forward (2012)

On Holy Ground (2007)

Kilt (1997)
Four in the Crib (1999)

Kinin (2001)

Shona Kipling & Damien O'Kane
Pure Chance (2003)

The Robin (1997)
Mittens for Christmas (2001)

Benji Kirkpatrick
Half a Fruit Pie (2004)

Ann Kirrane
One Small Star (2012)

Larry Kirwan
Keltic Kids (1997)
Kilroy Was Here (2001)
Larry Kirwan's Celtic Invasion (2013)

The Kitchen Band
Simply (2000)

Lisa Knapp
Wild & Undaunted (2007)

Mary Knickle
Weave (2006)

Peter Knight
The Gemini Cadenza (1998)

Knodel & Valencia
Forest (1996)

Knot Fibb'n
Knot Loitering (2000)

John & Sharon Knowles
Ferry Cottage (2000)

Liz Knowles
The Celtic Fiddle (1998)

Richard Koechli
Blue Celtic Mystery (2004)

Gretchen & Rebecca Koehler
Parallel Lines (2000)

Ken Kolodner
Walking Stones: A Celtic Sojourn (1997)
Journey to the Heartland (2005)

Ron Korb
Celtic Heartland (2000)

Ar Seizh Avel (1985)

Amy Krupski
Celtic Echoes (1996)

Kyndryd (2001)