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Waves of Rush (1999)

June Tabor
A Quiet Eye (2000)
Rosa Mundi (2001)
The Definitive Collection (2003)
At the Wood's Heart (2005)
Apples (2007)

Heidi Talbot
In Love & Light (2008)
The Last Star (2010)
Angels Without Wings (2013)

Just Up the Hill (2004)

Tam Lin
Back on the Road Again (2001)

John Tams
Unity (2000)
The Reckoning (2005)

Full Throated Abandon (1999)
performance review (2001)
Agnes on the Cowcatcher (2002)
performance review (2003)
Captured Alive (2004)
Dance Like Flames (2006)

Tannahill Weavers
Are Ye Sleeping Maggie (1976)
Passage (1984)
Land of Light (1986)
Dancing Feet (1987)
Cullen Bay (1990)
Alchemy (2000)

The Tap Room Trio
The Tap Room Trio (2003)

Rising (1999)

Taxi Chain
Smarten Up (2004)

Teada (2002)
Give Us a Penny & Let Us Be Gone (2004)

The Double Cross (2006)

10,000 Maniacs
Twice Told Tales (2015)

Carol Thompson
The Blossom & the Rain (2000)

Kenneth Thomson
Seoladh Dhachaigh (2004)

Linda Thompson
Versatile Heart (2007)

Simon Thoumire & David Milligan
The Big Day In (2001)

Threadneedle St
Havin' a Tune (2002)

Three Day Threshold
Against the Grain (2007)

Kathryn Tickell
Debateable Lands (2000)
Ensemble Mystical, with Ensemble Mystical (2000)
The Sky Didn't Fall, with Corrina Hewat (2006)

Tickle Harbour
Battery Included (1998)

Tiller's Folly
Buchan Bluegrass (2005)
A River So Wide (2007)

The Tim Malloys
If You Were Walking (1998)
Drunkards, Bastards & Blackguards (2000)

Tir na n'Og
The Black Rose (1997)

The Tolkien Ensemble & Christopher Lee
At Dawn in Rivendell: Selected Songs & Poems from The Lord of the Rings (2002)

The Toronto Consort
Mariners & Milkmaids (2002)

Toss the Feathers
Columbus Eclipse (1989)
Rude Awakening (1993)
The Next Round (1995)

The Town Pants
Liverdance (1997)
Weight of Words (2005)

Jim Tozier
Celtic Guitar (2005)
Solo Guitar (2005)

Timber & Stream (2000)
Wild & Wicked Youth (2007)

Tullamore Celtic Band
Tullamore Celtic Band (2004)

Paddy Tutty
Prairie Druid (1992)
In the Greenwood (1998)
The Roving Jewel (2000)

Karen Tweed & Timo Alakotila
May Monday (2001)

Peaceful Warriors (2003)

Two Tall Women
Out of the Woods (2002)

Ronan Tynan
Ronan (2005)
I'll Be Home for Christmas (My Gift of Christmas Song) (2007)
Ronan & Billy Live (2009)
Sing Me an Irish Song (2009)
The Yankees' Tenor (2009)
All Kinds of Everything (2010)

Sean Tyrrell
Cry of a Dreamer (1994)
Belladonna (2002)
Rising Tide (2004)
Man for Galway: The Best of Sean Tyrrell (2004)
Walker of the Snow (2012)


Where the Waters Meet (2003)

The Unusual Suspects
Live in Scotland (2004)

The Unwanted
Music from the Atlantic Fringe (2009)

Urban Celtic
Urban Celtic (2001)


Niall & Cillian Vallely
Callan Bridge (2002)

Zoe Vandermeer
If Love Be the Food of Musick (1996)

Tim Van Eyken
Stiffs Lovers Holymen Thieves (2006)

Alison Vardy
Harping On (1990)
Apasionada (2000)
Island Suite: A Solo Harp Odyssey (2003)

various artists
Absolutely Irish (2008)
Accordeons: Bretonne Attitude (2003)
The Acoustic Folk Box (2002)
Amber Christmas (1998)
Auld Lang Syne (1999)
Back to Barra (2005)
Bah Humbug (2002)
Ballads & Songs of Tradition (2000)
The Battle of Prestonpans 1745 (2010)
The Best of Celtic Woman (2002)
The Best of Scottish Music, Vol. 2 (2001)
The Bird in the Bush: Traditional Songs of Love & Lust (1996)
Bowfire (2001)

Canu'r Pridd (2003)
Cape Breton by Request (2001)
The Captain's Collection (1999)
Carolan's Gift: A Tribute to the Legendary Irish Bard (2002)
The Ceilidh Collection (1999)
Celebrate St. Patrick's Day (2001)
Celtic Airs (2001)
Celtic Airs & Reflective Melodies (2012)
Celtic Christmas: A Windham Hill Sampler (1995)
A Celtic Collection (1996)
Celtic Colors of the World (1998)
The Celtic Colours Sessions (2012)
Celtic Crossroads (2005)
Celtic Dreamland (2007)
Celtic Graces: A Best of Ireland (1994)
Celtic Harp Magic (2000)
The Celtic Lounge II (2007)
Celtic Love Songs (1997)
Celtic Mist (1998)
Celtic Moods (1997)
Celtic Mouth Music (1997)
Celtic Mystery, Vol. 2 (2002)
Celtic Mystique: Women of Song (2002)
Celtic Spirit (2003)
Celtic Tapestry: Contemporary & Traditional Celtic Songs (2007)
Celtic Voices (1999)
Celtic Voyager: Tales of the Traveller (1998)
Celtic Waves: Surfing the Ocean of Tradition (2002)
Celtic Women from Scotland (2006)
Celtic Women of Song (2007)
Ceól Na Píoba - Piob Mhor (2000)
A Christmas Celtic Sojourn (2001)
A Christmas Celtic Sojourn, Live (2007)
Classic Celtic Music (2012)
 Classic English & Scottish Ballads (2017)
Cold Blow These Winter Winds (2004)
Comfort & Joy: A Christmas Celtic Sojourn (2003)
The Complete Songs of Robert Tannahill, Vol. 1 (2006)

Diamond Mountain Sessions presents... (2004)
Drag Lines: New Irish Traditions (2000)
Dublin to Dakar: A Celtic Odyssey (1999)
An East Coast Christmas (1999)
English Country Music (2001)
EverSound Expressions, Vol. 2 (2001)
Failte: A Cape Breton Welcome (2006)
Far, Far From Ypres (2008)
Favourite Scottish Songs (2014)
The Floors o' the Forest (2013)
Folk'n Hell (1996)
For Freedom Alone: The Wars of Independence (2014)
Gaelic Ireland (2003)
Gaelic Voices (1999)
Gaelic Women (1999)
The Gathering: Great Celtic Pipers (2002)
Gentle Giants (2004)
Glorious Scotland (2004)
Gogarty's Music (1997)
The Greatest Irish Album ... Ever! (2005)

Harps, Pipes & Fiddles (2000)
Heart of Cape Breton: Fiddle Music Recorded Live Along the Ceilidh Trail (2002)
Heat the Hoose (1998)
Heat the Hoose 2 (2001)
Heel & Toe (2005)
The Humours of Piping (2001)
The Independence Suite: Traditional Music from Ireland, Scotland & Cape Breton (2006)
In the Language of Heaven (Yn Iaeth y Nefoedd) (1999)
I'r Brawd Hwdini (Tribute to the Songs of Meic Stevens) (2003)
Ireland: The Greatest Songs Ever (2002)
The Irish Folk Festival '02: A Blast from the Past (2002)
Irish Traditional Music (2000)
It Was on a Market Day: English Traditional Folk Singers (2005)
James Joyce Lives On (2004)
A Journey to Scotland (1994)
The King Has Landed (2002)
Lark in the Morning: Folk Songs & Dances from the Irish Countryside (2006)
Larry Kirwan's Celtic Invasion (2013)
A Leap in the Dark (2007)
Let Scotland Flourish (2003)
The Long Road Home (1998)

Macnas (2002)
Making Music Matter (2006)
Mammyk Ker (2002)
Many a Good Horseman (2009)
Masters of the Harp (2003)
McCalman Singular (2004)
More Bridges to Cross: Cape Breton's Best Fiddle Music (2001)
Music & Song of Scotland (1989)
The Music & Song of the Great Tapestry of Scotland (2012)
The Music of Ed Reavy (2001)
The Music of Wales: The Folk Collection/Y Casgliad Gwerin (2004)
No Pasaran (2012)
North American Traditions: The Art of Traditional Fiddle (2000)
Old Uncle Tom Cobleigh & All: Folk Songs Sung in the West Country (2004)
Orain Nan Gaidheal (The Song of the Gael) (1999)
The Otherworld: Music & Song from Irish Tradition (2012)
Past Masters of Irish Fiddle Music (2001)
People & Songs of the Sea (2009)
The Piper & the Maker (2004)
Practically Every Day (2002)

Raw Fiddle (2004)
Remembering Stan Rogers: An East Coast Tribute (1995)
The Rights of Man: The Concert for Joseph Doherty (1991)
The Road from Erin: Ireland's Musical Legacy (2002)
Rogue's Gallery (2006)
Rosin the Bow: East Coast Fiddles (1998)
The Rough Guide to English Roots Music (1998)
The Rough Guide to Irish Folk (2009)
The Rough Guide to Scottish Folk (2000)
The Rough Guide to the Music of Wales: Harps, Bards & Gwerin Sounds (2000)
Round Cape Horn (1998)
Round the House & Mind the Dresser (2001)
Ruby Sessions (2003)

Sailing on the Sea: An East Coast Compilation (2000)
Salm: Vol. 1, Gaelic Psalms from the Hebrides of Scotland (2004)
Scotland: The Music & the Song (2006)
Scots Women (2001)
The Scottish Diaspora (2014)
Scottish Women (2004)
The Set, Vols. 1-4 (2002)
Sing Christmas & the Turn of the Year (2000)
65 Roses (2009)
Songs of Ireland's 1916 Rising (1998)
Songs of Seduction (1961/2000)
Songs of the Travelling People (1994)
Songs of the Wooden Boat (1996)
Sounds of Nova Scotia, Vol. 2 (1991)
Sounds of Nova Scotia, Volume 3 (2001)
Stan Rogers -- A Matter of Heart: The Musical Revue (2000)
Steele the Show (2011)
Strange Coincidences in Specialty Tea Trading (2005)
Strange Coincidences in Specialty Tea Trading II (2006)

Third Grand Concert of Piping (2004)
A Thistle & Shamrock Christmas Ceilidh (2000)
Traditional Irish Music in America: The East Coast (2001)
Traditional Music from Cape Breton Island (1993)
Transatlantic Sessions (2000)
A Tribute in Music & Song to John Bellany (2015)
A Twenty Five Year Legacy (2003)
We Will Remain: Patriotic Songs of Newfoundland (1998)
The Wildlife Album (2005)
Within a Mile of Kilty (2005)
A Woman's Heart 2 (1995)
A Woman's Voice: First Person Singular (2001)
Wooed & Married & Aa (2008)
World Masters of Piping (2000)
Y Gwir yn Erbyn y Byd (2003)

Varner Lynch
Worlds Away: Tales of Time & Travels (2002)

Le Vent du Nord
Maudite Moisson (2003)

April Verch
Fiddelicious (1998)
Verchuosity (2001)
From Where I Stand (2003)
Steal the Blue (2008)

Mosaik (2012)


The Wakami Wailers
The Last of the White Pine Loggers (1985)
Waltz with the Woods (1993)
River Through the Pines (1999)

Wake the Dead
Wake the Dead (2000)

Mat Walklate
Cold in April (2006)

Sharlene Wallace
Journey of Shadows (1998)

Marcille Wallis
A Celtic Heritage (2004)

Seamus Walshe
Clare Accordion (1996)

Derek Warfield
Sons of Erin: Irish Songs, Ballads & Music of the American Civil War (2000)

Washington Area Folk Harp Society, with Heather Yule
The Song of the Selkie (2000)

Buddy Wasisname & the Other Fellers
Greatest Misses! (1999)

Patsy Watchorn
The Craic & Porter Too (1998)
Hearts on Fire (2003)

The Waterboys
Fisherman's Blues (1988)

Fishes & Fine Yellow Sand (2004)

Norma Waterson
Bright Shiny Morning (2000)

The Watersons
A Yorkshire Christmas (2005)
Sound, Sound Your Instruments of Joy (2007)

Wendy Weatherby
A Breath on the Cold Glass (2002)
Two Loves (2002)
Sunset Song (2007)

Judith Weikle
Pirates, Poets & Patriots (2006)

Linda Welby
A Story to Tell (2008)

Elisa M. Welch
The Wheel (1999)

Sheena Wellington
Hamely Fare (2003)

Benjy Wertheimer & Michael Mandrell
Notes from Celtistan (2007)

Gary West
The Islay Ball (2001)

Mick West
A Poor Man's Labour (2004)

West of Eden
A Stupid Thing to Do (2003)
Four (2006)
A Celtic Christmas (2010)
Safe Crossing (2012)
Songs from Twisting River (2014)

The Wexford Boys
Seems Like Only Yesterday (2003)

Relentless (2003)

Bill Whelan
Dancing at Lughnasa (1998)

Gavin Whelan
Gavin Whelan (2001)
Another Time (2006)

John Whelan & Friends
Flirting with the Edge (1998)

When Pigs Fly
Pigatude (2001)

Chris While & Julie Matthews
Piecework (1998)

Spin (2000)
First Frost (2001)

The Cuckoo's Note (2007)

The Whiskey Bards
The Recruiter ... & Free Rum Ain't Free (2005)

Whiskey of the Damned
Monsters are Real (2014)

The Whisky Priests
Life's Tapestry (1996)
Think Positive! (1998)
Here Come the Ranting Lads -- Live! (1999)
Bloody Well Live! (2000)

Whisky Trail
Chaosmos (2006)

Timber Timbre (1999)
Albannach (2006)

Alasdair White
An Clar Geal (The White Album) (2006)

Jennifer White
Clarsach (1998)

Minnie White
The Hills of Home (1994)

White Raven
The Place Where Life Began (2006)

Wicked Tinkers
Wicked Tinkers (1998)

Wild Colonial Bhoys
Irish in America (2007)

Wild Flowers
Total Vocal (1994)

Wild Mountain Thyme
Of Moose & Men (1998)
Scotland's Depraved (1999)

John Williams
Steam (2001)

Terence Winch, Michael Winch & Jesse Winch
This Day Too: Music from Irish America (2017)

Paul Winter & Friends
Celtic Solstice (1999)

Les Witches
Fortune My Foe: Music of Shakespeare's Time (1999)

Wolfe Tones
Live Alive Oh! (1999)

Morgan Wolfsinger
Heartrose (1999)

Seven (1999)
Live! Not Enough Shouting (2000)

Richard Wood
Fire Dance (1997)
Come Dance with Me (1999)

Wooden Spoon
I Love to Sing Irish Songs (1990)

The Woods Band
Music from the Four Corners of Hell (2003)

Sylvia Woods
The Harp of Brandiswhiere: A Suite for Celtic Harp (1982)

Woods Tea Co.
Journey Home (1995)
Side By Each (1995)
Live! (1999)
Standing Room Only (2003)

John Wright
Just Left of Center (1998)
SongDance (2003)

The John Wright Band
Language of the Heart (2000)

Jennifer & Hazel Wrigley
Mither o' the Sea (1999)
Skyran (2001)

Piper's Dream (2002)

Out of Time (1993)


Young Dubliners
Real World (2004)


Charlie Zahm
A Summer's Morning Rare (1995)
Festival Favorites (1997)
The White Snows of Winter (2001)
Americana (2002)
Out of the Mist (2002)
Songs for When the Sun Goes Down (2002)
Among the Heather (2005)
Lighthouse on the Shore (2007)
Recent Journeys (2008)
Precious Memories & Other Special Songs of Faith (2009)
Songs of Highlands, Islands & Home (2011)
Nothin' like the South (2013)
Far Away & Across the Sea (2015)
Angels We Have Heard on High & Other Favorite Songs of Christmas (2016)