David Culiner,
(Expanse, 2001)

This EP is a sampler in advance of a forthcoming album by David Culiner. There are five tracks and it has a very pop sound, which would do credit to the likes of Oasis.

"The Garden" is featured twice on CD. As track one, it gets the full treatment and is a very nice song. As the fifth track, it has an acoustic mix and sounds even better.

"Were you Listening to the Rain" is a very well-crafted song and it is nicely performed without over-production. "One Night" is another excellent showcase of Culiner's talent. He actually sounds better on portions of these songs where he relies on voice and guitar. This is particularly true of "One Night," where too much production could obscure the lyrics.

The track "Untitled" is a live demo, and although a little "rough" it has definite potential and shows his ability as a writer and performer.

Based on this sampler I would like to hear more from David Culiner.

[ by Nicky Rossiter ]
Rambles: 2 March 2002

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