Eons of Dignity
(New Earth, 2004)

Eons of Dignity is the latest release from worldbeat/fusion artist Cybertribe. By the name you probably have already evoked the sound of seagulls and ebbing tides against a soothing new-age soundscape. You know, Yanni stuff. And it is even so!

Anchored by digeridoo, Eons explores the worldbeat idiom and provides soothing but not boring auditory entertainment. However, if you're not into eight-minute-long songs based on repetition of a single motif, then this one is not for you. If you like wall gazing on rainy days, this bit of new-age fusion might not be a bad pick.

This would be great for setting the mood during that romantic outing or as background for a day of quiet contemplation.

- Rambles
written by Philip Fairbanks
published 2 July 2005

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