Drifting in Circles
(self-produced, 2005)

There is a variety of different styles of music on Dafni's Drifting in Circles, and sometimes the switch from one song to the next can be quite pronounced.

The musicians backing Dafni (vocals and acoustic guitar) do a wonderful job of letting the music match the mood. They are Craig Bender (piano), Josh Bandur (accordion, electric guitar), Yannig Luthra (bass guitar), Alejandra Cuesta (drums), Tom Terrell (trumpet), Brian Robbins (banjo, slide electric guitar, Dobro) and Lucian Gherargi (bongos, shakers, cabassa, claves).

Dafni's rich vocals take a moment to settle into the slow waltz tempo of "Blue-Eyed Boy," but once they do they glide with the music. Her voice picks up a bit of a rasp in "Dance," and once again the music forms the legs to carry the body of her voice. The music of "Falling" opens up with horns creating a soft jazz feel. Memories are interwoven throughout the lyrics of "Norma" and the music drifts lightly on.

The mood changes again for "Song for George," as the beat and the melody bring out the lazy summer stroll feel of the song. The banjo and the bass give "One Day" a quirky bluegrass edge. The music becomes smoother, with guitars shaping the sound of "Send My Love." Another song and the gears change back to another waltz in "I Don't Mean to Disappoint You" -- it is a tender song and Dafni's vocals caress the lyrics gently.

The lyrics of "Cheesy Love Song" are aptly enough, made up of cheesy love lines. Anyone who has worked 9 to 5 will be familiar with the feelings expressed in "Saturday." The cheerful playfulness of "Best Day" is part of what makes the song so fun, with the music helping her bring out the sense completely. "The Wind & the Rain" is a short song and is a lovely closer to the CD.

While the music of Drifting in Circles ranges widely from song to song, it all comes together by the time the CD closes down. There may be the odd moment or two on the CD while the vocals and music take a moment before they fit comfortably together, but on the whole Dafni has created a lovely package.

by Paul de Bruijn
16 September 2006

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